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LOTRO Book 9: “Shores of Evendim” in review

We finally have an official realease date for Book 10: “The City of the Kings” – August 20th! Book 10 will be the second major content “expansion” or update to Lord of the Rings Online; the first expansion being “Shores of Evendim”. As a member of the LOTRO Vault staff I was asked to write a review on the positives and negatives of Book 9. Given that I was already working on a little piece to post here on our blog I decided to join the two entries. The result, I hope, is a decent read that will provide my readers a true opinion from someone who has actually experienced the content. I have not written something based on second hand information nor have I fudged anything along the way.

Along with this review of Book 9 I will be writing a preview for Book 10 detailing my expectations and thoughts on what has already been revealed to us through patch notes and other official sources. You can expect the Book 10 post tomorrow afternoon. I hope you enjoy this review and walk away with information that you can use to benefit your LOTRO gaming experience. Enjoy!

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