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1 and make a podcast!

That’s right our favorite bloggers have stepped out beyond the text joined the world of audio entertainment! While I listen to their podcast I’ll be blogging my thoughts and opinions on the topics and hopefully it all makes sense in the end. You can find their podcast here.

Okay! In their, what I hope to be first of many podcasts, Cuppy and Darren start off by giving us the news on what they’re currently playing. As expected they are playing exactly what Graev and I are playing – Everquest 2 and the new Neriak content! They go on and talk about Mistwalkers (the best guild out there!) and how it’s one big happy collection of players looking for a place to hang. Not only will you find many famous bloggers there but you’ll get to meet and know hundreds of wonderful people.

Next on their agenda they talk about Vanguard and the SOE take over. We all know the news that’s been looming over the gaming community about SOE and Sigil and the podcast doesn’t go deeply into it but Cuppy and Darren do a great job at highlighting the situation with the game, the takeover, and Mr. McQuaid. They really hit the nail on the head when they discussed Brad’s posting behavior on the forums. Why McQuaid went on and on about the exact same thing from different angles is beyond me and I can see I’m not alone now.

Okay on to an interesting topic. EQ2 vs. WoW… If you’re a repeat visitor to our Blog here you know I hate WoW – I’ll come out and say it. It’s fairly easy to sum up booming success of WoW and the moderate success of EQ2. Cuppy touched on this and I’m in full agreement. EQ2 had a horrible launch and WoW had a great launch. WoW caters to the masses in both handholding gameplay and system specs and EQ2 doesn’t. WoW is in the Asian market and EQ2 isn’t. EQ2 has just a negative vibe in the majority of the gaming community and that’s keeping so many players away… not that we would want them in EQ2 anyway because honestly as Darren put it – the community in WoW sucks.

Cuppy and Darren give us their thoughts on the latest Blizzard Announcement. While they aren’t too excited about StarCraft 2 I think I can forgive them – maybe. At least Blizzard isn’t making another MMO right now and honestly even thoughts of a Diablo MMO make me feel ill. And while I do agree that the game looks extremely similar to it’s predecessor I can’t help but get sucked in with their cinematic cutscenes – that’s something Blizzard will always get me on.

The podcast goes on to talk about LOTRO gripes, various bloggers such as Sanya Weathers, and ends with discussion on ideas for future guest hosts and topics of discussion aka Themes of the Week. I won’t bore you all here with any more since I highly recommend you give the entire podcast a listen. It’s a long one clocking in at just over an hour but it’s all worth it. and are both fantastic blogs and if you aren’t already a regular reader then you should become one. Great job on your first podcast you two and I can’t wait to hear more!



Meet Rargh the Ogre Fury! I decided to pick up EQ2 lastnight from BestBuy and luckily they had a copy of the Echoes of Faydwer in stock. The box came with all the expansions and the original game so that was fantastic news (No clue where my old info is). So I created a new account today and decided a support class that can solo is the way I want to go! A druid with heals and dps is quite convenient so I went with that. For the race I decided I wanted to be something unique and “odd” so I went with Ogre. Yep I’m probably the only Ogre Fury on Antonia Bayle.

Cuppycake called me ugly. 🙁 What do you think?

I’m lucky enough to now belong to Mistwalkers, a rather large and very friendly guild. My goals with EQ2 this time around are simple. I want to work my way through the content at a very comfortable rate and hopefully end up raiding something casually. The biggest mistake that I made last time through was not taking the time to smell the roses and enjoy the finer points of the game like player housing, roleplaying, and group content.

If you’re on the Antonia Bayle Server look me up! I’m always up for a group for anything.

EQ2 update and stuff

Well yesterday turned out to be a busy day and I didn’t get the chance to blog much.  I was playing EQ2 last night and spent the better part of 4 hours trying to decide which class I wanted to play.  I finally decided upon the Fury class even though it’s horrifically overplayed, or so I hear.  I’ve been away from the EQ2 scene for nearly two years and much of what I remember of the game has completely changed.  Apparently it’s now completely solo friendly with a ton of content for all styles of gameplay. But anyway, back to my Fury.

I decided to create an Arasai Fury simply because I wanted to see the new Neriak area.  Right now he’s level 9 or so and turning out to be quite fun.  It fits my play style perfectly in that he can DPS, heal, buff, solo, and get groups easily.  That’s always been my major concern in a MMO.  Can I get groups?  Can I solo when I can’t get a group?  Am I “wanted” enough?  Those are the key points I research before picking a class.  Right now I’m still on the “Play the Fae!” trial to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into before I subscribe and front the cash for the couple expansions I missed out on.

In other news, I’m going to see Pirates 3 today and hopefully it does justice to the first movie (unlike the second).

Giving EQ2 another go

Everquest II had a major update today adding the Neriak area and a new “evil Fae” race.  “Emofae’s”, as Cuppycake calls them, and the new area are really tempting me to resubscribe.  Recently with LOTRO I have been feeling the drain of having no one to play with.  I’ve been playing LOTRO for five months now and while I am still having fun I think I need to take a little break and step away from the game for a bit.  I am by no means quitting the game and I do fully intend to continue my subscription and continue playing – but a short break must come first.

On top of this large content update to EQ2 there is also the expansion packs, adventure packs, and other various updates I have not been able to explore and have fun with.  I am really interested in seeing what SOE has done with the game and how it has changed, from what I’ve heard, for the better.  The game was extremely group based back when I played and that’s just not my cup of tea anymore.  I need an experience where I can log in and play for an hour or two and not feel completely unsatisfied.

So to be 100% certain that I want to resub I’m downloading the “Play the Fae Trial” and if everything works EQ2 will get another go.


Random thought of the day – We’re in their world now.

So I was browsing message boards like I usually do when I’m bored out of my skull and I came across an interesting discussion. Can MMORPG’s survive without the “standards”? Auction Houses, mounts, quest-leveling, fast travel, ability to solo from beginning to end, mail system, mild penalties for death, level based advancement, and so on have now become the basis of which a company designs and molds our virtual worlds.

It wasn’t more than 4 years ago that these things were considered new and nothing more than fluff or extras. When World of Warcraft hit the shelves everything changed. No longer were these things considered extra and cool to see – they became standards. I want to quote something I read because it fuels great discussions. The bottom-line is that MMORPGs are now at the same point as the auto industry: “innovation” is incrementally evolutionary, not fundamentally revolutionary. Few customers are going to buy something that is radically different from the standards, so few investors are willing to shell out the capital required to fund radical development projects. But they will fund incrementally different projects, provided there’s a potential to earn a decent profit in return for their investment.” And there you have it.

Back when MMORPG’s were first introduced we saw major and dramatic change from game to game. Side scrollers evolved into birds-eye view pseudo 3d games which then evolved into full 3d worlds. Every release held something new and exciting which had to be introduced to the gaming community. Games were designed from the ground up in order to introduce something new and fresh. Rarely would a game mechanic from another one game be similar in another. But now it’s different. Gamers don’t want to be introduced to new things but instead expect to see the standards. This expectation has caused developers to include and perhaps even design their game around said things instead of the other way around. Bottom line? Any Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game released today without these standards is doomed to fail.

Gone are the days of innovation. Welcome to the days of MMO’s for the masses. We’re in their world now.

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