Our Mobile Game Philosophy

Screenshot of "The Project"

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you guys on where we’re at with our game in development, codenamed “The Project”, and I realized we also haven’t spoken much at all about our mobile game philosophy.  Personally, there are very few mobile games that I enjoy.  I see most of them in the same vein as flash games on Facebook and you’d be hard pressed to make a case against the statement that the App stores are mostly full of garbage.

What makes a good mobile game, or specifically a game that you would play on your iPhone/Droid/Windows phone?  I think the most important thing to consider is the ‘why’ question.  Why is the game on the device and is it there for a purpose or does being on the mobile platform benefit the game design in any way?  For example, releasing Bad Company 2 on the iPhone is ridiculous.  It is inferior to the PC/Console versions.  Nothing the iPhone does elevates Bad Company 2.

“The Project” is a classic adventure game like Monkey Island and King’s Quest.  You discover the world as you explore screen to screen.  You find items, solve puzzles, meet characters and have conversations, and experience the story you unfold as you progress.  Gameplay is simple touch-interaction and in a sense feels more natural on a mobile device than it does on the PC.

What else makes a good mobile game?  Read on. (more…)