Mass Effect: Infiltrator (iOS)

The graphics on my iPhone 4 are pretty good. This screenshot doesn't do it justice.

From the creators of Dead Space for iOS comes Mass Effect: Infiltrator, a third person action shooter loosely set in the familiar Mass Effect universe.  You play as a Cerberus operative named Randall Ezno. Long story short, you turn on Cerberus because you disagree with how far they’ve gone with alien experiments.  That’s all I’m going to say on the story because… really, that’s all there is to say.  The story is the weakest part of the game which is shocking considering this is Mass Effect.

Infiltrator plays like Gears of War and other cover-system shooters.  You move cover to cover shooting lots of enemies.  The key to survival is to avoid being surrounded, keep the enemies in front of you, and use all of your familiar abilities and weapons to chain up style points for better rewards.

Improve your Galactic Readiness Rating and track your progress on the Galaxy at War map.

The controls of ME: Infiltrator are surprisingly good.  The game employs virtual sticks to move Ezno. Just touch the screen on the left to move him forward/back/left/right and on the right to turn and look around.  To shoot you tap the screen on an enemy to target them and begin firing, then direct your firing with the right stick.  This feels weird at first, especially to someone newer to these iOS shooters like myself, but I quickly became a pro.  Taking cover simply requires running up to a barricade.  To move from cover to cover you just swipe in the direction you want to go and Ezno does the rest.  All of the controls are responsive and intuitive.

See what your friends are up to via the in-game Origin connection.

Infiltrator is, at best, a decent mobile shooter game to play when you have time to kill; I’ve found myself playing between classes (or during the boring ones). The reason I would recommend it to ME3 players is because by playing and collecting intel items you are able to increase your Galactic Readiness Rating for your PC or console version of ME3.  Simply log into your Origin account under the options menu and your app is linked directly to your account.  You can even view your Galaxy at War map and see what your friends are up to via the in-game Origin connection.

Coming in at $6.99, Mass Effect: Infiltrator is pricey.  The gameplay is enjoyable and at times satisfying, but does get repetitive. Having the ability to improve your ending of ME3 by playing this on your iOS device on the go is awesome, and that’s where I find the real value.


  • This overpriced iOS game, the DLC gouging and the price of the games themselves is one of the reasons I’ve given up on EA/Bioware and have not bought ME3: they have become way too greedy.

    Shame, Bioware were probably my favourite developers for most of my gaming life.

  • @Intruder313 You do not have to buy the iOS game or the DLC. If any company wants to offer to sell something additional for their intellectual property to make a profit, short of a real life act of violence or something similarly vile, I have no problem with it. Little difference between the above mentioned and selling T-Shirts with the ME3 logo on it. It’s all optional.

  • Selling a DLC as the game launched is really shady and plain greedy. No way around it. There’s no reason they couldn’t include it, in the finished game.

  • I’m not entirely sure how to get it to affect my readiness rating on ME3, anyone able to walk me through it?

  • Under options press the Origin button and log in with your Origin/EA account.

    On the main menu in the upper left corner is a galaxy you can click to bring up for galaxy map. That might also do it.