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We Destroyed the Meteor in ECO!

Last night was the big event! We gathered together to watch the culmination of our work spanning just over 3 weeks. The meteor threatening our ECO world has been destroyed.

The event was streamed live on our Twitch, and I uploaded the highlights to Youtube for you to view.

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What Did You Play This Weekend?

As we wrap up the weekend, I'm curious what games you all are playing.

Here's my list:


We blew up the meteor tonight! I have a video and write-up coming tomorrow. It was awesome to see this feature play out even cooler than we expected. Many of you have asked me whether or not this means the game has ended. Nope! In fact, shortly after the meteor blew up people went on talking about what they were building next. 

Our server will likely stay up and as-is for a little while. We may add mods or restart the world (bigger this time) with mods or simply keep it vanilla.

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Could A Game Using Player-Made Currency Actually Work?

I was playing ECO last night and messing around with setting up a shop to sell my excess resources (at a zero sum rate to friends) when I started to think a bit on the idea of player currency. In ECO, there's individual currency in the form of a credit. If I sell you 1 log of wood, you pay me in "Keen Credits." There's also the ability for players to mint actual circulated currency. This currency can then be used to trade wherever players would accept such currency.

Last night I made Bitkeens, my own personal minted currency. Then it hit me... how do I get everyone else to use these Bitkeens as their main currency on the server? They all have their own personal credit systems, but no currency. Each of them could technically mint their own currency too. How would Bitkeens become to common currency?

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Nothing to See Here But a Laser Platform

Keeping it short and sweet tonight since I’ve been swamped and busy all day.

We’re planning our meteor destruction party for Saturday 3/3/2018! That’s this Saturday! I’ll probably do a live stream of the action. We’re going to gather for a pre-launch party at 9pm EST and destroy the meteor probably 20 minutes or so into the festivities. Times are subject to change.

A lot’s going into this shindig!

I build the “Laser Command” bunker (as I like to call it) out of reinforced concrete and corrugated steel. Flanking the bunker are two of the four lasers, each resting on a tripod of corrugated steel. On top of the bunker are the two remaining lasers.

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New Vehicles Coming to ECO

To say the potential in ECO is immense is an understatement. Even now we're driving powered carts, excavators, and doing things I had only ever dreamed of doing in a game like Minecraft.

Now there's even more to look forward to, and probably only a few weeks away.

Our focus for the next big update to Eco (which we plan to start doing monthly) will be to add much more machinery and vehicles. The goal for the end of the game is that players will no longer be doing labor by hand; instead they will be using massive machinery to transform the planet at a large scale. Bulldozers to flatten land, cranes to build skyscrapers, mining drills to harvest entire mountains, plows to create farms and combines to harvest them, logging machinery for harvesting entire forests, boats for sea transport and trains for land. 

That's music to my ears!

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ECO Server Log Day 15: Halfway Point

Tonight we officially hit the halfway point on our server! Keentopia has less than 15 days until the meteor strikes!

While some of us are slaving away digging ore and advancing our civilization's technological prowess, others are hard at work making giant wooden monstrosities. They shall remain nameless until such time we can pass a laws against them.

I thought this would be a fitting opportunity to showcase our accomplishments! 

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Making Circuits & Factories in ECO Game

Crazy times on the ECO server! We’re making significant progress ramping up the technology side of our city. We now have two factories, two blast furnaces, an oil refinery, two machine shops, an electronics table, and we’re ramping up to add a computer lab.

In the next 2-3 days we’ll be adding electricity to the entire city — a much needed luxury since we’re currently making circuits by candlelight.

I feel like I’ve been saying “electricity is coming” for a week now. That’s mostly due to the complexity and inter-dependencies of the profession system.

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What Happens When You Let Friends Drive Your Powered Cart in ECO Game

We’re having so much fun playing ECO (if you can’t tell from all of our posts about the game lately).  We’re reaching that points where we’re starting to have more fun and freedom in the game. We’ve progressed beyond simple stone and logs into an era where we can start to build bridges, pour asphalt, and drive powered carts around like something cool out of the 1800’s.

During one of our beautification projects, I let Yotor take a spin in the Keenmobile.

Well, as you can see from the image above, this is why you don’t let just anyone take your powered cart out for a spin.

We ended up having to dig it out, and I tried to pry it up with a shovel when suddenly the whole cart freaked out and launched itself into orbit traveling mach speed. My leg must have gotten stuck in the wheels because I was flailing about until the thing circled the planet three times then crashed in my backyard. I was thrown free of the cart and landed on the roof of a nearby building.

The whole ordeal was hilarious to the point of tears, and a lesson learned… build rails. Lots of rails.

I’d say within a day or two we’ll start to push into electronics and industry. That’ll put us making street lights and running electricity to our homes for 24/7 lighting! Wooho!


ECO Server Log: Enter the Mechanical & Industrial Age

Quick update for February 15th since it’s my birthday today and I’ll be spending most of it offline.

Our ECO server is really humming along! The age of mechanics is in full swing, and we’ve just begun to see the tip of the industrial era iceberg peaking up over the horizon.

I find myself in a raw materials meets machine-creation position. I’m building most of the advanced machines and refining most of the modern or quasi modern materials that will be used in future building.

Our server’s next step will be to step into a full industrial revolution mixed with some electronic developments. Electricity is coming to our world!

ECO Server Log: Almost Powered

I'm starting to lose track of the days in ECO. The meteor in the sky is getting bigger, but we're all immersed in the process of growing our civilization.

Each day we seem to have new faces joining us on the Keen and Graev Community server. While we have about 10 people playing, there's always room for more to jump in.

Since I'm no longer measuring our server log in days (at least until we get closer to the 30 day mark), I'm definitely measuring progress by major milestones.

Yesterday I build my first combustion engine, and with that a combustion generator. While a very exciting accomplishment, I found myself with no application. An engine to move what? A generator to power what? So today I spent my skill points on building a powered cart.

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