What Did You Play This Weekend?

As we wrap up the weekend, I'm curious what games you all are playing.

Here's my list:


We blew up the meteor tonight! I have a video and write-up coming tomorrow. It was awesome to see this feature play out even cooler than we expected. Many of you have asked me whether or not this means the game has ended. Nope! In fact, shortly after the meteor blew up people went on talking about what they were building next. 

Our server will likely stay up and as-is for a little while. We may add mods or restart the world (bigger this time) with mods or simply keep it vanilla.


Monster Hunter World

I will probably have another post coming, but I switched weapons again. I was actually done with the game and quit out of frustration with how terrible I was -- despite switching to weapons that made me better. Being so bad, I felt awful dragging Graev down. I couldn't solo anything. Then... I changed weapons. Now I'm using SnS (Sword and Shield) and I'm actually killing monsters. I'll maybe write my thoughts on why it's working from me, and saving me from quitting even after having 100 hours in the game.

Deep Rock Galactic

You guys saw my post yesterday about No Dwarf Left Behind. Such an awesome game to jump in and do a mission here and there. Graev and I have plenty more to play this week. In case you missed it, here's the quick video we made.

Vermintide 2

Really, really cool game like L4D. I won't go into details here because I have a post coming this week (with video) to showoff the game and give my thoughts. It technically hasn't even launched yet, but will this week.

  • From part of the FTL team, Into the Breach, and Slay the Spire daily challenge mode.

  • I’m having such a great time with mhw. I keep making different sets for different weapons. It’s like the game was designed to fulfill my perpetual need to reroll in rpgs.

    • It’s like my worst nightmare. I haven’t been an ‘altaholic’ in over a decade. Now I can’t seem to settle on a weapon. I’m rerolling my weapon and armor choices constantly. It’s like a really fun personal hell for me. 😉

  • Yet another uneventful weekend for me, lol. Although I did manage to throw a different game in this weekend!

    1) Warframe. Yup, still playing this daily. Sitting at MR8 (Mastery Rank 8 – sort of a level system. Generally the higher rank you are, the more weapons available to you to craft). I’m getting to the point where I just spend my day grinding away in Survival mode to level weapons and then move on to the next. The story-mode is a bit out of my league right now in terms of equipment needed to continue progressing, but I am getting there!

    2) Into the Breach. :O Something new! I’m really liking this game. It’s deep enough to continue going back and seeing what new mech rotations I can come up with, and accessible enough to not overwhelm me with its options. Probably one of my favorite strategy games in a long time. Looking forward to unlocking all the achievements.

    3) Not really played, but I’ve been watching ‘Wanderbots’ play Space Tyrants on his YouTube channel. It’s a fun looking little 4X-lite strategy game with tons of charm and sort of the same “deep enough, but not too much” approach ‘Into the Breach’ has.

    I’m looking forward to giving ‘Dead Maze’ a try on steam. ‘Rezrog’ is also on my list of playing as well as ‘Crossing Souls.’

    • Second time someone brought up Into the Breach… looked into it and it looks fun! I’m not sure how I didn’t see this one coming. I really enjoyed FTL.

    • Lots of people playing Warframe from what I hear. Seemed a little generic sci-fi shooter to me. Perhaps I’m missing something there worth looking into.