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What Copernicus will not be…

Copernicus, 38 Studios’ upcoming MMORPG, has been the talk of our community lately.  Todd McFarlane let it slip that Copernicus is coming later this year.  This lead to questions on the FoH boards asking Curt to comment on the release date.  While he never did make mention of when Copernicus is coming out, he took […]

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Initial Reckoning Impressions

I am head over heels for Reckoning!   I enjoyed the demo, which you can read all about, but I have to let people know that the retail version feels even better.  The controls are more responsive, the framerate is higher, and many sounds have been improved. I’m playing the PC version via STEAM with an […]

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Would Reckoning make a good MMORPG?

Would Reckoning make a good MMO?  That’s a question I’ve been going over in my head since playing the demo (several times) these past few days.  We know that 38 Studios is creating a MMORPG (codenamed Copernicus) set in the same world as Reckoning.  How well would the RPG adapt to MMO status? The world […]

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Reckoning Demo Impressions

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo released today for all platforms!  In a surprise twist, it’s even available for STEAM.  This is an exciting moment for us.  Reckoning is on my personal list of most anticipated games releasing this year and I’m stoked to see the 38 Studios’ first product. Is Reckoning as good as […]

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