Kingdoms of Amalur: Recknoning’s Trailer and Website

I’m really getting excited about 38 Studios’ RPG.  I was refreshing the official website all morning while it was my turn to watch the new puppy and I refreshed it the exact second the trailer came up and they changed websites.  Yeah, no life.  The trailer did not disappoint me.

It’s only a trailer but it does make two things clear. 1) There’s a story and 2) It’s going to be action packed. It goes along nicely with what they stated their game would be like in the press release two days ago.

The official site is also up with just a sprinkle of information.  The screenshots look great.  The music is also well done.   Maybe the most important thing is that they’ve clarified even more in their FAQ about how Amalur is the setting for Copernicus.  Also pay close attention to the ‘immortality’ part of the story and how it will play into explaining why players in their MMO do not die.  Pretty cool idea.

Keeping it consistent in one universe is EXACTLY what they should be doing.    They’ve accomplished something today and that’s getting me excited about a future title.  Games aren’t exciting me as much as they used to and it’s nice when one finally does.

Now I just have to stomach the fact that we’re a year away from release at the earliest.

  • r.a. salvtore is working with this game. that means this game is gonna rock. thanks for the find keen

  • I am constantly amazed at how inconsistent RA Salvatore is though. The 1000 Orc series of Drizzt books were crap, as well as a bunch of his titles outside of that ‘world’. I mean amazingly unimaginative, as if he had a ghostwriter put words on paper, didnt proof read it, but used his name just to generate sales.

    I hope this game back story is an example of quality Salvatore work.

  • Hey Keen what makes you think this game is an MMO? From everything ive read its just a single player game. Im absolutely thrilled that this game isnt going to be an MMO!

  • Oh, and one thing I noticed in the video…

    How exactly does stabbing a skeleton through the rib cage kill it? I mean, if there are no organs or anything to stab? Technically, isn’t he just missing in this case?

  • @Steve: Didn’t say this was a MMO. This is the single-player RPG that is setting up their MMO.

    @Alex Taldren: I’ve been stabbing skeletons with daggers and hitting them with blunt objects for the past two decades. *shrug* Seems to work just fine. 😉

  • Meh, the trailer was a bit disapointing for me…
    The action didn’t seem believable at all. Stabing skeletons?? seriously… One thing is gameplay where you have fixed animations but in CGI it should be more believable.

    And in the end, when the knight grabs the mace, it seems that the mace is weightless.
    Also, the mobs felt too “clean” and polished. No dirt on the skeletons nor the knight. it just looks like plastic figures.

  • Clearly they are trying far to hard to be Demon’s Souls.

    Now THAT was a good game. But this one looks like a clean and wimpy version of it. Trailer for Demon’s Souls was much darker.

    Only thing bad about Demon’s Souls is that it should have been named Demon Souls, otherwise it probably has done more for online multiplayer then any MMORPG has done for five years.

    Man… Now I wanna play Demon’s Souls again.

  • I’m not sure why you are so into this based on the trailer, it looked painfully generic. It even looked silly at one point, the long shot where he is running at the big bad seemed so awkwards considering he was all of six feet trying to charge a 20 foot monster.

    But then again, it’s a concept trailer and probably an early one at that, so overanalyzing it isn’t good.

  • I just like the idea of fantasy, based on the mind of Salvatore, made by a group of people who have worked closely with projects that I’ve followed in the past.

    I like high fantasy.

  • I also like fantasy a lot Keen. However, this trailer was terribly generic…
    And after hearing McFarlane preaching about making the fights more realistic in terms of the movements the characters do being closer to what a real person would this trailer was terribly disapointing.

    You should keep an eye on Rift: Planes of Telara.

  • I enjoyed the vid for what it is, a hype generator. If you were expecting anything else, well, get a clue, I say.

    And I’m a little boggled by all the nitpicking — 1) it’s obvious that this was deliberately created to be over the top, and 2) we’re talking about a fantasy RPG here! With magic! Why can’t a giant hammer be as light as a feather? Why can’t skeletons be dispatched with a sword? Maybe it’s a magic Sword of Skeleton Slaying… Maybe just the simple act of stabbing a piece of steel into them disrupts whatever animates them.

    Pedro, I do agree with one thing though: Definitely keep an eye on Rift: Planes of Telara.