Keen and Graev’s Most Anticipated Games of 2012

We shared with you our favorites and disappointments from 2011, and now it’s time to share what we’re most looking forward to in next year’s lineup! It took some thought to really narrow our options down, but we’ve come up with two solid games.

These games bring with them a level of excitement and anticipation beyond simply releasing as quality titles. That’s why you won’t see Diablo 3 or Mass Effect 3 on our list.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

38 Studios has created an entire new property known as Kingdoms of Amalur, a fantasy universe that will serve as the foundation for future games. Reckoning will be an open-world RPG set within this fantasy world. We’ve been following Reckoning since before it was even announced; that is to say, we’ve been following the massively multiplayer game (currently known by a codename, Copernicus) which will come sometime after Reckoning’s launch.

The setting, culture, lore, and art come from minds like R.A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane. The company comes from a passionate gamer, Kurt Schilling, who has already proven himself as someone interested in the games at least as much as the business behind them.

Several videos have been released over the months showcasing features and mechanics. We’ve even complimented them on the quality of their trailers.

We’re anticipating the feel of what Fable should have been combined with the scope of a world like Oblivion. The combat looks amazing (see trailer below) and the world’s rich story, quests, and exploration will hopefully provide hours and hours of enjoyment.

Reckoning launches February 7!




Pitch Black Games, a relative newcomer, sprung up and landed right in the middle of our radar this year by announcing the development of Dominus, a Science Fiction MMORPG.

We’ve been following, and will continue to follow, Dominus closely because of the design decisions being made by the developers thus far.  When so many games are going with the ever-popular themepark model, Dominus sets out to provide features long-forgotten — features that proved successful in past games!

Dominus will be a game that combines the ‘feel’ and features of several games we have enjoyed in the past. There are three factions at war — yes, THREE factions!  Players on all three factions will fight over territory, resources, and rewards in an all out melee that reminds us of the great Dark Age of Camelot.

Crafting in Dominus shares many similarities with Star Wars Galaxies. Players will be able to go out and place harvesters, collect resources, and make gear that actually wears out.  Some of these ideas may seem like little details, but they are at the core of why so many games these days feel off the mark.

PBG has been very open with the players, very early in development.  Frequent live developer Q/A’s were held over the last few months where the developers fielded any questions the viewers had about their game.  It’s been an intimate development process reminiscent of the older days, and that’s a big compliment.

It’s unclear when Dominus will launch this year (if at all), but we’ll be waiting.  Did we mention there will be jet packs?!

  • Really looking forward to Reckoning. Didn’t know there would be an MMO of it “eventually”. But we will see how that goes I guess.

    As for Prime/Dominus, I withhold anticipation. Call my cynical, but I’ve just been burned in the hope department too many times when it comes to MMOs.

  • Single player, Reckoning looks Awesome.

    I’m really pulling for Funcom’s “A Secret World” in the mmorpg space. Seriously, somebody has to get it right at some point!

  • For Single player I agree Reckoning or Diablo III, but for multiplayer I am going with Guild Wars 2 hands down.

  • Interesting blog – Hadn’t heard of either of those (at least that Reckoning is intended to have an MMO follow up); lets hope that this blog isn’t the last time we hear of them. I suppose a year ago everyone was looking forward to Tera and Archage, but the buzz for these seems to have dissipated.

    Have to agree with XProject that GW2 will be the MMO event of 2012, for good or bad … fingers crossed that the game lives up to expectations.

  • The setting of prime does not interest me in the slighest. The mechanics of prime do have me interested though.

    As for Amaler, it can line up with two worlds 2 for second rate rpg game. Nothing i have seen from about it has been inspiring. It does not look like it can stand ground with skyrim, witcher or dragonage franchises. I really doubt Amaler will come close to any those even with their flaws.

  • I’m really looking forward to both. Amalur should be a great action RPG that’s not just a click-fest. The combat looks great, combining magic, melee and blocking, rolling, etc. If the world and story are half as good as Bethesda and Bioware heavies, this game will blow them away, because of the gameplay. As fun as Skyrim is, the combat is weak and underwhelming. I think Amalur is going to be a fantastic new IP. It doesn’t hurt that R.A. Salvatore is attached to it either.

    Prime is the best hope for PvP in MMOs in the foreseeable future that isn’t a cesspool of ganking and griefing. The latest updates have really packed on a lot of polish, which was my biggest concern from a brand-new company with nothing under their collective belt out yet. The next thing we have to see is if the combat is fun. Other than that, with great looking mechanics and an end-game plan that’s almost my ideal for MMOs, I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

    Good couple games to keep an eye on. Everyone knows ME3 and D3 are highly anticipated.

  • I’ll also be keeping an eye on Kingdom of Amalur. It has quite the pedigree as far as the people working on it are concerned. I’m also interested in Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 3, and Prey 2. I’m actually more curious as to what games will come out of nowhere next year.