Buzz! The Mega Quiz

Buzz! The Mega Quiz. Can a Trivia game be worth it? With the Playstation 2 packing its bags and making way for the PS3, you wouldn’t expect to find…

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The Eye of Judgement

It's the latest and hottest game hitting the PS3 console world this week - The Eye of Judgement! "Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, JAPAN Studio, THE EYE OF…


My Hellgate: London Impressions

Yesterday afternoon Graev was invited to the Hellgate: London Beta, or rather what appears now to be a mass invite stress test and hype phase. While he was installing I was lucky enough to get an additional invite from Bildo so Graev and I now have had the opportunity to play together for many hours. First let me reiterate that I have not played the game to the end nor have I played past probably the first act. HG:L is not a MMORPG (Sorry Guild Wars, you aren’t either) – It’s an action rpg.

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Warhawk for the PS3

Warhawk for the Playstation 3 came in for a landing about two weeks ago. Entirely a multiplayer experience, Warhawk offers non-stop action packed combat in a whole new way. My…

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