Rune Factory

Ever heard of Harvest Moon? Now imagine a Harvest Moon with swords, magic, and a medieval setting, on a Nintendo DS, and you have yourself Runefactory. I've spent over 5…

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LOTRO Book 9: “Shores of Evendim” in review

We finally have an official realease date for Book 10: “The City of the Kings” – August 20th! Book 10 will be the second major content “expansion” or update to Lord of the Rings Online; the first expansion being “Shores of Evendim”. As a member of the LOTRO Vault staff I was asked to write a review on the positives and negatives of Book 9. Given that I was already working on a little piece to post here on our blog I decided to join the two entries. The result, I hope, is a decent read that will provide my readers a true opinion from someone who has actually experienced the content. I have not written something based on second hand information nor have I fudged anything along the way.

Along with this review of Book 9 I will be writing a preview for Book 10 detailing my expectations and thoughts on what has already been revealed to us through patch notes and other official sources. You can expect the Book 10 post tomorrow afternoon. I hope you enjoy this review and walk away with information that you can use to benefit your LOTRO gaming experience. Enjoy!

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Keen’s LOTRO Review

It’s a long one guys!

Presentation: Having been a Lord of the Rings fan for a large portion of my life I take great pleasure in being able to review a MMORPG wielding such a title. Lord of the Rings Online developed by Turbine could not have been released at a better time. In the wake of past MMORPG successes that grew the genre and a fantastic movie trilogy, LOTRO’s potential fan base has the potential to be enormous. The world of Middle-Earth is a wonderful and magical place just begging to be explored by the artistic and creative minds of a gaming developer. With hundreds of monsters, points of interest, regions, races, unique entire languages, and so much more, how can anyone ever claim a lack of content? It’s a game designers dream. Now with all this potential for greatness comes so much room for error not only from a gameplay standpoint but from the lore. I hope from reading my review you will walk away with a strong impression of just how close Turbine has come to creating the next major MMORPG.

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Does Supreme Commander truly reign supreme?

Supreme Commander is a solid real time strategy game with good visuals and pretty decent mechanics. It's not without its flaws, however. The main storyline deals with three opposing factions.…

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Keen’s C&C3: Tiberium Wars Review

Since the days of Warcraft 2 and Age of Empires I have been a RTS fan. There's something I find irresistible in the concept of building a civilization or army…

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LOTRO Beta: My Impressions

Let it be known that this is merely my initial thoughts of the game. I will not go into detail on any subject and will not write my review until…

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