The Eye of Judgement

It’s the latest and hottest game hitting the PS3 console world this week – The Eye of Judgement!

“Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, JAPAN Studio, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT presents a new style of gameplay where collectable trading cards, embedded with a CyberCode, are brought to life in the 3D game through use of the innovative PLAYSTATION Eye. Players compete by selecting a card and placing the coded card in front of the PLAYSTATION Eye for their respective creatures to come to life and battle on screen. Players take turns placing cards as they jostle for control; the winner is the first player to conquer five of the nine squares of the “9 Fields” battle mat. The gamers task is to conquer the board by deploying their cards more skillfully than their opponent.” –

eye 3Mixing cards with interactive and dynamic gameplay via a graphical interface in high definition yields quite possibly the most fun on a console I’ve had a very, very, long time. Credit goes to Graev on this one for being one of the initial trend setters for The Eye of Judgement. During the first day or so of release it was considered by many (heck, most) to be nothing more than a niche game. Who would want to place cards on a mat and watch them come to life on TV all while kicking the butts of other cards? Whodathunk… EVERYONE! The game itself is nearly sold out in every store across the Southland here in California and forget about finding yourself card booster packs ($4.99) or even the pre-made theme decks ($14.99 which are actually worth getting). The game has hit stores with such a surprising wave of hype that the vendors are not even properly trained in how to answer questions. When we stopped by to see if Gamestop (I hates them precious…!!) had any booster packs for Eye of Judgement they wanted to know how we liked the game. They then told us everything had completely sold out and they didn’t even know the first thing about the game. In fact, Sony reps are on their way to the stores to train the employees on wtf they’re supposed to do!

eye 2Okay, so everyone likes it. What do I think? I told you that it’s the most fun I’ve ever had but let me go into detail. You can play the game single player campaign style where you’re pitted against computer AI controlled opponents – standard and fun. You can also go online to PS3’s network and playeye 1 against anyone you want, hold tournaments or duels, and actually play the game FAIRLY! In order to play online you must actually scan your cards in and have the computer know what cards are in your deck. You’re then told which cards you draw that way everything is kept completely 100% on the up and up. Graev has even competed in a real tournament and advanced to the second round of duels before being eliminated by an unlucky series of hands. But that’s not all! You can play with other people on the same mat! Graev and I went head to head in a nearly 2 hour battle this afternoon fighting for our very survival in a never-ending struggle for control of the board. It was epic and fun to the very end. Both of us made complete noob mistakes that would have ended it in 1/3 the time but making mistakes is part of the fun and learning process.

Overall the game kicks the complete crap out of any previous attempt at virtual/gaming card games. This is the real deal and the technology they’re using is really something to behold. I anticipate that they will use this same system to really involve the players dynamically much more in the future of consoles. Well done to Wizard’s, Sony, and the team. This one is a keeper. HIGHLY recommended. Check out the trailer and Official Site. Don’t miss out!


  • This is the first game that’s made me wish I owned a PS3. It’s not worth buying the console, but I’ll be praying something like this comes to the 360. Awesome.

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