Book 11 Preview and Housing Screenshots

I’m somewhat late in relaying this information to you all here on the blog, so forgive me! Last week I wrote an article for the LOTRO Vault previewing the Book 11 patch. It was quite a lengthy article given the abundance of new content and changes coming to a LOTRO server near you so instead of posting it here I’ve decided to give you a link and a snippet. If you’re interested in reading more follow the link.

…Book 11 breaks this trend and offers players our next step in this marvelous journey with The Ring. While I am often upset about the lack of things to do and often discouraged to see such a large amount of time pass between the additions of new content, I can at least look to this growing potential for success. This is what will keep subscribers and entice new players into the LOTRO experience. If Turbine wishes to stand any chance against the next generation of MMORPGs then they need only keep up the good work and make every Book a ‘Book 11’ experience.

In addition to the preview I have built a rather large collection of screenshots showing all aspects of the various Housing Neighborhoods. Up until today, in fact this very minute, Dwarf and Hobbit housing has been kept under lock and key. So without further delay I give you my screenshot collections and the opportunity to be among the first to see Dwarf and Hobbit housing in all its glory. To interject my opinion here – Hobbit Neighborhoods and Housing put the others to shame.

Dwarf and Hobbit Housing *NEW*

Bree and Elf Housing

Dwarf Housing Hobbit Housing

  • I had seen the Bree and Elf housing previously but I think I’d be cozying up to the dwarves if I were still playing. I just love the look of the dwarf housing and area. Really nicely done for all of them. Probably the best housing appearance-wise I’ve seen in any game with DAOC coming in second.

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