Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Deal Season!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our celebrating readers and happy deal season to everyone!

We’ve updated our Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2011 to include a section called Games We Want.  These are games we have researched enough to know we’ll buy once we can afford them.



This is also the time of year when STEAM has its Autumn Sale to coincide with Black Friday deals.  Yesterday’s deals were good with Orc’s Must Die for $3.74 (Rated well within our community) but now it’s $7.49 @ 50% off.  Graev is seriously considering the Morrowind GOTY Edition for $9.99 (deal lasts the whole week).

Today’s deals posted just minutes ago.  Not as good as yesterday, but Fallout New Vegas is only $4.99.

Don’t forget to check Amazon’s great Black Friday deals on video games (I’m watching their deals coming up in 8 hours) as well as Green Man Gaming (a lesser-known but great site).

We’d love to hear about deals you find.  Post them in the comments section for us!


  • Probably most of you have either already played or decided to stay away from the games listed below, but at $11 a xbox game, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post the deal.

    Buy.com has Xbox Holiday Bundle 3-Pack: L.A. Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, Mafia II for $33.

    Also, just wanted to add, that I’m an Amazon watcher as well.

    On a mostly non-game front, I am just getting into Bluray and I love those $5 movies being sold during these sales. (managed to snag a $199 PS3 Holiday pack that I plan on using for my bluray player)