Keen’s Korner: UI Mods

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I updated my Keen’s Korner column over at the Warhammer Vault today. I voiced my opinion on the illogical argument that those in favor of UI mods present, the corruption of gameplay they cause, and Josh Drescher’s comments about functionality not exceeding base design. The article has generated quite a buzz on the War Vault forums and a healthy debate on the pros/cons/legitimacy of UI mods has begun.

The article is very similar to what I’ve already discussed here on the blog. If War vault is blocked at your work you can read my thoughts here.

Anyone interested in UI Mods and the Warhammer Community for or against them should definitely check it out.

  • Very interesting topic. I stopped playing WoW about 18 months ago, and only ever played it in its “out of the box” state. I’m aware of various mods but only when recently preparing for a Virtual Worlds presentation, when gathering screenshots, did I see just how highly modified some players interfaces had become. My personal opinion? I hate UI mods.

    Game designers have a very tricky job here though. A designer has an intent with a game, but they can’t predicat exactly what a player will do once the game is in their hands. Players constantly surprise and innovate, and with other games offering UI mods designers stare headlong into community (market?) expectation that new games will also deliver such features.

    No UI mods for me.