Warhammer gameplay videos & Paul Barnett interview

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Gamespot released some of the best WAR gameplay footage yet. The videos show RvRing with several classes like the Witch Hunter, Chaos Chosen, and Witch Elf. It’s far too cool for me to try and explain but a few details that caught my eye were the spell effects (watch for the AoE spells) and combat animations – they’re amazing.

There is also an interview (seems more like commentary) with Paul Barnett that surprised me. He was a little more reserved than we usually see him. He was very level-headed and did a great job explaining how Warhammer is less like a computer game and more like a hobby. When Paul first started pushing this idea that WAR was a hobby it raised an eyebrow for me. After some thinking and deep meditation I have decided to embrace the terminology because it encompasses far more than simply calling WAR a game or a mmo. It’s a total experience like DAOC was – and that is perhaps the missing link in my quest to understand what made DAOC so much better than any other mmo ever.

There are several gameplay videos to choose from but I decided just to show the Paul interview because it combines a lot of the videos.


  • Game’s gonna make a zillion.

    But i think that whenever I hear Paul Barnett speak.

    Afetr I’m a way from his Distortion Field, it still looks like WoW 😛

  • It does. Can’t deny that. They share a very similar vibe. But like I’ve always said, looking past the superficial they are two extremely different games. Looking at EQ2 and Vanguard they appear very similar at first glance – but they are so different.

  • 😆 @ “or, as I like to call it, beating the living snot out of other people”.

    I really like him. He’s funnay.

  • I dont know if I am allowed to say Im having a good or bad time in beta. It sucks not being able to talk about it. NDA’s are stupid. They need to get the word out on the game and let the players speak their minds and just fix what is wrong based on feedback. Its not like AoC is gonna copy them, that game is barely ready itself I have read on various forums

  • yeah, I’m very excited for RvR. Meaningful pvp is so enticing to me it’s almost unbearable. I thought the witch hunter looked especially cool, however does anyone notice that whoever plays the characters tends to play a little slow (perhaps for dramatic effect to show the animations)? Or is that how the combat is going to go?

  • I can’t give you more than speculation. I would say that it might be slightly slower than WoW because of collision detection the way combat works with building up skills. If I had to guess as to why it was extra slow in the video I would assume it was either played by someone inexperienced or done slowly for effect.

  • The same thing crossed my mind Tarvold. The combat doesn’t look at all fluid to me. It seems very stiff.

  • Hrrm. He was talking about having no capture the flag type stuff in that video but in the next video the very first thing I noticed was someone capturing a flag.

  • This looks brilliant but it also looks very WoW-like at first glance. I know, looks are deceiving…

    I would pre-order the collector’s edition right now if it were available. What is taking them so long to tell us what’s in it / make it available??