GW2 UI Mod for WoW

I'm usually not one for UI mods, but the GW2 UI Mod for WoW was good enough to convert me. [su_youtube url="" width="700"] The GW2 WoW UI takes most of…


Paid Mods

Update: Bethesda/Zenimax has cancelled their paid mods with Steam. Refunds for all according to Valve. Steam has once again made a move toward monetizing all things games and placing themselves smack…


Keen’s Korner: UI Mods

I updated my Keen's Korner column over at the Warhammer Vault today. I voiced my opinion on the illogical argument that those in favor of UI mods present, the corruption…

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UI Mods

From yesterday's Warhammer Online Devchat: "The UI will be totally customizable in terms of appearance and utility. For folks who understand what it means: It’s all Lua-based, so experienced modders…

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