SWTOR Beta Impressions

Below you’ll find my feelings about SWTOR based on the beta testing I have participated in for ~1 month.  I have no experience with the end-game, crafting, PvP (if you can’t predict the PvP you need to play more of these games) or much at all beyond the level 20 gameplay.  I felt no need to spoil the game for myself any further.  You’ll glean this from what I have to say later, but SWTOR is a predictable game and I am confident that I have judged it accurately, even with my limited experience.   I’ll be honest up front with you guys and tell you that I offer nothing ground-breaking by way of new information.  If you find my opinion helpful (whether it be we think alike or you know to think the opposite of me), then read on.

Note: I’ll break down individual mechanics, features and theorycraft about what they can improve upon after launch.


Overview (Read this, if nothing else)

SWTOR is a themepark through and through.  If you hate WoW for the kind of game that it is, don’t bother with SWTOR; however, if you simply hate WoW because it’s cool to hate WoW or you’re simply tired of playing in Azeroth, then you might want to give SWTOR a chance.

As a new game being released, SWTOR does nothing to change what we’re all familiar with in games.  It’s the same RPG story-telling we expect from Bioware and it’s the same WoW-clone we expect from MMO’s.  SWTOR does it well, though, and that’s where I justify wanting to play.

A line I have used in the past is, “If [MMO] is like WoW, but not better in any way, why not just play WoW?”  I like to use Rift as an example.  Rift is not a terrible game, but it does nothing better than WoW; content was boring, combat was stiff, etc.  That’s why I saw no reason to keep playing Rift.   SWTOR has fun and interesting PvE content that keeps me interested and wanting to see what happens next.  I’m confident that I will feel the drive to see every area and encounter the game offers.



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