Warhammer Online Swordmaster Video

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Here’s a new’ish video featuring the High Elf Swordmaster in action.  It’s a boring video but it shows the basic animations and a few ability animations of the class.  I’ll go ahead and point out the obvious before you do – it looks very very similar to Night Elf animations.  While watching the video I was just waiting for him to spin around like a NElf.  Interesting nonetheless.


  • Same old, same old. I’m still trying to figure out why this is so popular. You’d think the Warhammer fans would be insulted that the game is so cookie-cutter at the core level. The combat for one is just a rehash of the typical MMO combat system.

  • I hate Order but the long sweeping blade for this guy is pretty compelling… probably going to have to make one of these down the line.
    I love how WAR models start out looking cool and get cooler, instead of wearing all brown dinky leather hats and wood swords to start with.

  • I didn’t think it looked like the Night Elf animations at all. i thought they were pretty unique. And @ Alex, i think mythic has done a pretty good job of sticking to what works and making a unique and fascinating game. If youre looking for a revolutionary combat system, this isnt the game for you. Mythic has already said that theyre not trying to rewrite the book with this game. theyre using what works, perfecting it and making it what it should be.