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Pre-Patch Too Soon

As much as most people wanted the pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth to come out, I think it should have waited a week.

The pre-patch came out yesterday, and most people talking about it aren't impressed. Why? Well, it's quite simple.

All Blizzard did in this patch was essentially take things away. Artifacts are drained, many abilities gone, and tuning is a little of of sorts. People generally feel less powerful and can't do most of the things they felt like they could stomp through.

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What Were Your Favorite Legion Moments?

I'm reflecting back on Legion today as I sit idling in Dalaran. Legion was a mixed bag for me. I played through the first two raids and major content patches, took over a year off, then came back and finished up all of the content during easy-mode.

Looking back on that experience, I have a few favorite moments.

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Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Date Confirmed + Survival Guide

Patch 8.0 is officially coming July 17th! I'm really excited for the patch for two reasons.

1. I'm eager to see the story move out of Legion. I'm just not a Burning Legion fan, and though the overall story was good in Legion, I'm ready to move on. This feels like forward momentum.

2. I want to get rid of my artifact as fast as possible.

Here's what's coming in patch 8.0 on July 17th:

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WoW Communities

The official WoW site has a good article up about Communities and Guilds today. Guilds are what we all know already and aren't changing much. Guilds will still be for the hardcore raiders and people wanting to get their achievements tied to the guild. I don't expect much will change for the mythic raiding scene.

For the rest of us, we have a few more tools to utilize.

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Finally Beat the Prot Paladin Mage Tower

I'm so stinking proud of myself for not giving up. Just 20 minutes ago I tweeted how I hadn't raged this hard at a game in a long, long time. I was literally one attempt from throwing in the towel forever on this challenge.

I watched a dozen videos and feel like I perfected the strategy. I was simply losing to the knockoffs. Random knockoffs here and there. Infuriating.

This last attempt I blew every cooldown right in the beginning and just went HAM on the Inquisitor. I went nuts and killed him fast, then I went crazy on Kruul. I started to tunnel-vision slightly, but I had the wherewithal to pop a LoH and a BoF. And I beat it!

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Mage Tower: The Saga Continues

When you suck as bad as I do at these challenge-like content events, you just have to laugh about it and write a blog post. My artifact is now up to 130, and my ilvL 920. I’m still getting my butt handed to me by the Mage Tower.

They really do make me think of raids. I’m imagining the countless hours I put into progression raid boss attempts and the frustration I had at people who stood in the bad stuff or didn’t interrupt and I think… I’m that guy and I’m playing all by myself.

The Mage Tower is the solo raid. This is truly what it would be like. I put in about 15 wipes tonight on the Mage Tower, and probably another 20 or so wipes over the past week. I’m making minor progress, and I can see that, but it’s just way too reminiscent of a raid. I’m packing flasks, bloodlust drums, potions, and entering with the mindset of progression raiding. Maybe that’s good?
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More on WoW’s War Mode

I was reading more on the latest PvP news/info released from Blizzard for the coming BFA changes, and I confess I”m even more confused and/or curious about some of the changes.

Power Scaling

Here’s what Blizzard says about the scaling.

The point of the scaling changes is not to make it so levels or gear don’t matter. A player who is higher level than you and/or has a higher iLevel than you are going to have an advantage.

If not to make it so that levels or gear don’t matter when there’s a gap between a 110 and a 120, then what is the point? To make them matter less? Power scaling was the biggest defense people put up when people expressed concern that War Mode be a gankfest. “Don’t worry because a level 110 will be able to beat a 120, so the 120 won’t so readily attack the 110!” Maybe? That’s not what the blue post says, though. It seems to imply it’ll just be slightly less of a complete blowout.

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Do You Use Add-ons?

I like these questions from the Pantheon Twitter. Keep them coming guys. They recently asked the following question.

Do you use add-ons (Dps and Aggro meters, Healer helpers etc.) in other MMORPGs and if so, what do you like about them?

I've been at this a long time. In the past 10+ years you guys know I have never been a fan of addons in general. I download addons typically to fix a problem or add a feature that is missing and should be a feature of the native UI. So naturally the very idea of addons has a negative connotation in my mind.

I also categorize Add-ons into different categories.

  1. Feature Adding
  2. Aesthetic Customization
  3. Gameplay Altering
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WoW Nixes Automatic Group Finder

I'm not a big addon fan. In fact, I have a post coming on that tomorrow. However, occasionally an addon comes along that truly does fix an issue or existing problem with the interface or gameplay and it makes you wonder why the devs never made it that way themselves.

I felt that way about this addon I had in WoW where I could enter the viscinity of a world quest and be immediately prompted to join or start a group by pressing a simple button. Upon pressing that button I'd either be thrown right into a group doing the quest or it would put people with me.

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