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WildStar Paths: Diversity in a Themepark

WildStar’s path system fascinates me.  Paths are almost class-like identities, but they’re not a class.  They represent a playstyle, or how you like to play MMOs. In the lore, your path represents your responsibilities once you reach Nexus.  This is ‘extra’ content for the players to involve themselves in beside the normal ‘leveling content’.  That’s […]

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Neverwinter Impressions

Neverwinter officially entered public “open beta” yesterday.  It might as well be called launch because everyone can get in, and characters won’t be deleted.  I jumped in and began my foray into the Sword Coast as a Half-Elf Devoted Cleric. I’m disappointed by the gameplay.  Everything feels like it boils down to mass mob slaying.  […]

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