Conglomoblog: Minecraft, SWTOR, Job Hunting

Life has been crazy lately.  I spend more time working on campus to finish up the last of my finals (graduating in a week!) in one day than I do sleeping and playing games.  I apologize for the lack of updates around here, but it will improve in just a matter of days.  After that, until I can find a job (Which I am actively looking for — anyone want a marketing guru?) I’ll have plenty of free time.

I’m also bound by a few NDAs right now.  If not for forced silence, I’d have quite a bit to share about a few games.  I want to talk about Marvel Heroes, for example, which is an action RPG set in the Marvel universe, but I can’t just yet.

To kill what very little free time I have, which has mostly been extremely late at night (read: after 10pm), I’ve been playing Minecraft again.  Our community has another server set up, and we’re playing a mod compilation called ‘Feed the Beast’.  It’s neat, challenging compared to Tekkit, and a lot of fun to hop in and build.  There’s something about building, tinkering, and letting my creative (or lack thereof) manifest itself in a game.  Why can’t more games be a blank canvas like Minecraft? So simple, so fun.

Let’s see, what else am I up to lately?  I played a 30 minutes of SWTOR tonight. A friend of mine is playing again just to kill some time and play some battlegrounds.  I had fun playing the single-player game 1-50.  The game is quite charming looking once you get past the low level armor that looks like it’s painted on.  Animations are extremely smooth.  I love what they did with the interface changes.  I hate the F2P crap, but it’s free. As I continue to play, I’ll refine my thoughts and keep you posted.

That’s all for now! Things will pick up again very soon.

  • I was thinking of reinstalling SWTOR just to play some of the stories from 1-50, but the idea of receiving 25% less exp because I don’t want to pay a monthly fee kind of put me off. Didn’t really want to have to grind more just because I’m a free player. Still I might reinstall it to fiddle around this summer if it’s still around.

  • Any interest in Darkfall? I think it was released today.

    I watched a couple movies that killed any desire to play it for me.

    I’m just too much in a Giant Robot mood! Still LOVING MW:O.

  • @TheRedComet: Yeah, some of their F2P stuff is sad.

    @Howdy Doody: Back when they said the game was coming out last November I bought into it. After what I consider to be nearly a scam (what else can you call taking peoples money, saying one thing, and doing another?) I have lost all interest in the game and the company.

    I’m not even convinced the game was ever ready for launch. I’m not sure it’s ready now. Looking at the economic situations in Greece, I have my own theories about why they did what they did. So from that perspective, I’m not at all interested in DF.

    From a gameplay perspective, meh. I think I’m tired of poorly put together games. I’m also tired of FFA PvP games and the toxic people who make up their penal colony-like communities.

  • They still took your money though, which if you paid via CC would be grounds for charge-back.

  • i havent played either SWTOR or Tera. Thinking about downloading 1 of them for F2P. Which should i do?

  • I seriously recommend quickly applying to grad school. What I wouldn’t give to go back at this point, but a doctorate in business wouldn’t really do me any good unless I wanted to teach. And I don’t mean for money reasons, just because it all gets so much less fun after you leave college.

  • Going for a MBA right out of an undergraduate just isn’t worth it, and usually not acceptable. At this time my plan is to work. I’m ready to move on. I have a lot too offer, and I’m itching for the opportunities and experiences awaiting me. I’ll revisit the idea of grad school down the road.

  • Get CU funded and apply for job at CSE 🙂

    Also take this for what it is but straight after university do not go and do 9-5 corp job. Go join a startup you gona learn 10 more about your actual job, admittedly much less about corp politics game. I spent almost 5 years working at mid size company and I was just getting significantly dumber, quit 2 years ago and could not be happier.

  • @Thelg: If I could work remotely and not have to move to the beautiful state of Virginia, I might consider it. I’m in love with Southern California and would love to see if there are any opportunities for me where it’s warm every day of the year.

    I haven’t closed the doors on a gaming community/PR job, but things are looking more and more like I’ll be doing marketing for a non-gaming entity. Start-up or corporate, wherever I can work hard and love what I do is a place I’ll consider.