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What Happens if WoW Goes F2P?

Wow isn’t going F2P, but if Blizzard decides to be un-Blizzard-like then you can expect a few changes. WoW would still be the exact same game, only way, way more annoying to get into and far less accessible. Subscriptions Would Stay Yep, that’s right. The subscription wouldn’t go anywhere. Players would still be given the option to […]

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GW2’s hybrid business model built around “fun”

Colin Johanson, Lead Content Developer for Guild Wars 2, asked this question on the ArenaNet Blog: If the success of a subscription-based MMO is measured by the number of people paying a monthly fee, how does that impact game design decisions? He goes on to say many things that I agree with about the subscription […]

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Stances on the GW2 Cash Shop and Pre-order Q’s

I apologize for not posting in a few days.  Crunch time again with five projects, five papers (totaling ~100pages), and five presentations all due within the next two weeks.  Then it’s time to study for take finals.   There also hasn’t been much in the way of gaming news lately. We’ve had a good discussion about […]

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