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E3: The beginning of E3 and Microsoft’s Presentation

It’s the start of E3 and gamers around the world are all anxiously awaiting the announcements and presentations of our favorite publishers and developers. E3 this year has been downsized. What was once a large showroom of booths and bling is now a “let’s get right to it” down-to-earth way for companies to announce their product.

Since we were not lucky enough to land any form of invitation to E3, Graev and I will be bringing our coverage to our readers based on what we see on TV, live feeds, and read from various news sources. We hope that our opinions and insight into this year’s largest entertainment expo will be interesting and helpful to all of you out there.

So let’s get to it! Last night Microsoft gave the first major presentation. With our computers tuned in to 4 different live feeds and our TV on G4 we made sure to catch every moment of what was sure to be a fantastic hour. The presentation began with Peter Moore, the lovable vp over at Microsoft, giving us the usual commentary on what a wonderful year it’s been for Xbox360 and Microsoft. The most interesting line of possibly the entire briefing was when he said every title they would talk about is coming out this year (2007). So right off the bat Microsoft makes it clear they are going all out to make 2007 their year.

Read on for our full coverage of Microsoft’s Presentation!



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