What Did You Play This Weekend?

What Did You Play This Weekend?

As the weekend comes to a close here at the — almost literal — 11th hour, I’m curious to hear about the games YOU played. I think my time was quite obviously spent in ECO, which is an immersive and realistic sandbox building/surviving game. The Keen and Graev Community has our very own server that we actively play on and maintain, which has been the crucial component of how much fun I’ve been having.

While ECO can absolutely be played solo (crank up those skill gain modifiers, though), the true experience is felt when you play with friends and others. On servers where you don’t know or trust others, you might want to build a contract board and set up a shop to sell your goods. On servers like ours where we’re all just playing to have fun and enjoy the game, we’ve taken on a communal (we jokingly call it socialism) approach. Each experience — solo, random people, and friends — provide a unique play-through.

On our server, the meteor will hit in 25 days. Does that mean if we live or die that we’re done? Far from it. Our server will likely live on for a short period of time after those 30 days are up, and then transition into something featuring mods and more expanded types of gameplay.

In other news, I’m continuing my Monster Hunter World playthrough with Graev. On Saturday we clocked 4 hours, which is still a huge investment for me to make and not to be taken lightly. I’m still very much enjoying the game and the Lance weapon. We’re in high-rank gameplay now and working our way toward optimizing armor (or even obtaining pieces we want) while having fun hunting.

What was your weekend gaming experience like?

  • Mostly still just Rainbow Six: Siege and I started playing Warframe again. I feel like I have a better handle on the scope of the game now and am having a blast. Looking forward to all the blueprints I can get my hands on and fun weapons to play around with.

    Other than that, just staring at the #eco chat and wishing I could buy it! 😛

    • Can’t wait for you to join us! Perhaps when you can buy the game we’ll have things figured out. We’re still all very much flying by the seat of our pants.

      Will also be neat to add mods in the near future to our server.

  • I played a lot of World of warships (grinding for a tier ten Japanese battleship), Elite Dangerous (Grinding Imperial rep) and some Warframe (just enjoying the game).

    But I have to put some effort into Farming simulator as the new one will be out at the end of there year, and I need to get all the cache events in this last one been slacking a bit.

    • Farming Sim is a game I’ve always wanted to try because of how much I like games about… farming! Seems like all the games on playing a lot of lately have some sort of agriculture.

      • Well, games like Farming sim lets me zone out and run a pretty lovely management game I have been playing farming sim since it first came out in steam.

  • I *wanted* to play more Eco…but *someones* blog post on Dragon Quest Builders caused me to play the demo and then immediately buy the full game on Switch.

    So yeah.

    Played a bunch of that, tons more Monster Hunter: World and my wife and I spent about hours on Sunday learning and playing the board game Star Wars: Rebellion, which was awesome.

  • About 12 hours worth of Monster Hunter: World. Currently standing at HR 14, just crafted my Nergigante rarity 7 hammer, and 3 pieces of the Vaal Hazak (a.k.a. the Ball Sack) armor, which I hope will hold til tempered monsters.

    Still having a great time.

  • EverQuest on the Agnarr server. Got my VT key completed and looking forward to seeing that zone soon.