ECO Server Log: Almost Powered

ECO Server Log: Almost Powered

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I'm starting to lose track of the days in ECO. The meteor in the sky is getting bigger, but we're all immersed in the process of growing our civilization.

Each day we seem to have new faces joining us on the Keen and Graev Community server. While we have about 10 people playing, there's always room for more to jump in.

Since I'm no longer measuring our server log in days (at least until we get closer to the 30 day mark), I'm definitely measuring progress by major milestones.

Yesterday I build my first combustion engine, and with that a combustion generator. While a very exciting accomplishment, I found myself with no application. An engine to move what? A generator to power what? So today I spent my skill points on building a powered cart.


ECO Powered Cart

The idea of a powered cart is that it's motorized and -- hopefully -- moves at a faster pace than dragging a handcart. When I finally put the engine in and climbed aboard, I suddenly realized it couldn't run on coal like my other devices... dangit! It requires gasoline or petroleum. GRR!

So I dumped a ton of points into Oil Drilling and began the long process of building an Oil Jack. As of tomorrow, assuming my masonry friend can provide the concrete I need, I'll be drilling for oil!

This whole process really illustrates the complexity of professions and the inter-dependencies each specialty has on other specialties and even professions. 

Tomorrow I hope to make a video showing the oil drilling process and powering my cart!