The Agnarr Grind is Underway (and already over for some)

EverQuest’s newest Timelocked Progression Server launched on Wednesday, only 3 days ago. The typical launch issues plagued us. We had login server issues causing most of us to not be able to get in for hours and hours after the server opened, but any MMO veteran has learned to shrug it off.

Want to know something crazy? People are already level 50. Lots of people.

What level are we? The group I’ve been playing with are all around level 10-12.

Daybreak was pretty cool about timing a 50% bonus exp weekend to coincide with the launch and Memorial Day here in the U.S. It started yesterday (Friday) at 12 noon. The bonus exp weekend plus the natural boost to exp on Agnarr, and the fact that people can use +25% exp potion from the cash shop, sorta explain why people were able to max level so fast.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit bummed that people sped their way to the end, but it’s out of my control. I’d also be lying if I told you that their actions have no impact on me or the other players. Those people are now introducing items into the economy, farming plat, etc. All of those things heavily influence EQ since most items in the game are trade-able — even max level gear.

Despite the external factors and my own intense urge to rush, we’ll be taking it at a comfortable pace. To do anything else would burn me out, sacrifice my RL obligations, and result in a faster exodus.

If you’re playing on Agnarr, jump on Discord and join us. Always looking for people to fill a group.

Side note: QuickCast was bumped this week because we were gone Thursday/Friday and playing EQ this weekend.

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