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EverQuest Agnarr Hype!

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The EverQuest TLP server Agnarr launches in less than two days! We're looking at a 5pm EST launch on May 24 according to the recent announcement.

The EQ team released an Agnarr / Timelocked Progression Server FAQ this afternoon as well that details a lot of good information for anyone unfamiliar with the TLP setup.

Agnarr Server Status

Agnarr Server Details

Here's what you need to know for Agnarr:

  • It'll go as far as the PoP area, but that includes through Yakesha
  • Experience is faster than other progression servers but still slower than live server experience rates
  • It's "Truebox" meaning only one client per computer is allowed (extent of enforcement unknown)​
  • The 'pickzone' feature is enabled meaning there are multiple versions of the same zone to avoid overcrowding

Keen's Agnarr Plans

Class: Shaman
Race: Troll
Diety: Innoruk
Stat allocation: Wisdom / rest to stamina

​I'm going to start off by staying pretty close to Grobb. I think there will be some decent froglok smashing there until probably around level 8 when I'll head over to the Commonlands to group up with other people.

I'm joining up with a group of Keen and Graev Community veterans back from the 2009 era. They're EQ fans and starting a guild, so that works for me.

I'm still seeing if I can get Graev to play with me. ​There will probably be a battle until the very end before he swings to one side or the other. 

Either way, I plan to play casually but enough that I can hopefully stick with the curve. I'll do plenty of grouping as a Shaman, and enjoy the journey.

There is truly nothing else on the horizon​ until the launch of Albion Online, so I welcome the fun.

  • hi
    have you tried legends of aria? it looks like UO and in alpha stage
    im going to check a few reviews and decide if it worth

    • I have been playing LoA for quite awhile now. My thoughts on it are that is has a really great core to it but it still is some way from being ready. I love the aspects of the game that are clearly UO inspired such as the way skills are handled, inventory and isometric view. It really does feel like a graphically updated UO.

      That being said the game is still very content light as one would expect for something in this stage so there is not a ton to actually go out and do. You can mine iron, harvest wood, skin animals and then refine that stuff and work on crafting but recipes seem very limited still. There are some camps and dungeons to grind but combat is still kind of wonky in my opinion. There is not a lot in the way of in game tutorials and such so you will spend a good amount of time tabbing back and forth between the game and the forums and wikis. In a final build that is not cool but in alpha it is to be expected.

      I guess what I am saying is that if you are a real die hard fan of UO it is worth checking out but if you are just casually interested in it or did not really get hard core into UO you might want to wait to pull the trigger. Currently it is $40 to get into alpha which to be honest, as much as I enjoy my time with the game, I think is high for what is there.