EverQuest Agnarr Hype!

The EverQuest TLP server Agnarr launches in less than two days! We're looking at a 5pm EST launch on May 24 according to the recent announcement.

The EQ team released an Agnarr / Timelocked Progression Server FAQ this afternoon as well that details a lot of good information for anyone unfamiliar with the TLP setup.

Agnarr Server Status

Agnarr Server Details

Here's what you need to know for Agnarr:

  • It'll go as far as the PoP area, but that includes through Yakesha
  • Experience is faster than other progression servers but still slower than live server experience rates
  • It's "Truebox" meaning only one client per computer is allowed (extent of enforcement unknown)​
  • The 'pickzone' feature is enabled meaning there are multiple versions of the same zone to avoid overcrowding

Keen's Agnarr Plans

Class: Shaman
Race: Troll
Diety: Innoruk
Stat allocation: Wisdom / rest to stamina

​I'm going to start off by staying pretty close to Grobb. I think there will be some decent froglok smashing there until probably around level 8 when I'll head over to the Commonlands to group up with other people.

I'm joining up with a group of Keen and Graev Community veterans back from the 2009 era. They're EQ fans and starting a guild, so that works for me.

I'm still seeing if I can get Graev to play with me. ​There will probably be a battle until the very end before he swings to one side or the other. 

Either way, I plan to play casually but enough that I can hopefully stick with the curve. I'll do plenty of grouping as a Shaman, and enjoy the journey.

There is truly nothing else on the horizon​ until the launch of Albion Online, so I welcome the fun.

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