It’s just nice to be playing a game again

I reached level 21 on my Shaman this evening. That means yesterday I gained 5 levels and today I gained 4 levels. Pretty good run for the double exp weekend!

Much of our success lately is owed to the help of guildies. We joined up with a bunch of old friends from the K&G community in the good ol’ days (circa 2008-2009) and they’ve been kind enough to help us. Self-proclaimed poopsockers are pretty much level 50, so their twinking and power leveling help is great.

One of our friends is an Enchanter, and let me tell you nothing is quite as powerful as Clarity and mez in Unrest. Graev’s cleric becomes a wizard and I can heal non-stop. We were pulling basement and fireplace at level 17!

We had a bad run in with a higher level necromancer who insisted the zone belonged to him. He kept training us non-stop. Other than one unlucky incident where Graev died, the other times he was practically pulling for us. Reported him for intentionally training and violation of community standards. Hopefully Daybreak does something about horrible people like that.

I’m having a blast playing a Shaman. Although I feel a little underutilized at the moment, there may (hopefully?) come a time where my slow and buffs are useful.

So that’s where we’re at in EverQuest. I have to admit I missed games. I missed MMOs. I hadn’t played a game in a week prior to its release, and before that I was dabbling here and there for 15-30 minutes. I missed dropping 3-5 hours on a game in one sitting and just binge playing. It’s nice. Really nice.

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