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QuickCast Episode 6: What Are You Playing?

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We had some technical difficulties getting this one up for yesterday, but better late than never! I'm just glad we're sticking with podcasting. Over the past decade our biggest struggle has been consistency. This is the year we make progress.

​In this episode, we shoot the breeze about what we've been playing and what we're looking forward to in the next few weeks. 

I even dropped more not-so-subtle hints about getting Graev to play the upcoming EQ TLP with me.​

Games we mentioned this episode:

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  • Tell Graev he should go druid! It has teleports (easy money maker), good buffs, and has wolf form and SoW to travel quickly!

    If he goes halfling druid its really not far from the troll areas, Freeport is pretty much right in the middle of both of yall.

    If graev does go druid I think ill play Bard