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Nintendo Labo Meets Bill Nye the Science Guy

Nintendo Labo is now available today in North America. Nintendo smartly grabbed Bill Nye the Science Guy and had him do a product demo.

I think Bill Nye is a Goa'uld, or has at least mastered the powers of the sarcophagus because this guy looks exactly like he did when I watched him 20+ years ago.

Bill Nye does a really good job showing the gist of these toys / learning devices. The first hurdle for people to get over is the construction process. Using the Switch screen as a touch-screen and display for building instructions is brilliant. 

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Remastering / Re-Releasing Games is a Big Business

If I haven’t spent more money rebuying games in the past year than I’ve spent on new games then it has to be really, really close.

There’s a really big trend in the past few years toward re-releasing or remastering past games. Even the most recent Nintendo Direct was all about re-releasing games like Dark Souls, and they also recently released Skyrim (which itself has had numerous releases). Nintendo is leading this phenom with their NES and SNES classic systems and console tempting lots of games to release again.

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