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Mario Tennis Beta

I learned something tonight. I'm really, really bad at tennis.

I was super hyped to jump in and play some tennis Mario style. Things went well during my first game. Raul and I were neck and neck and even went into tie-breaking rounds. It was back and forth back and forth, each of us taking great shots. I finally pulled out a win!

Well... it was downhill from there. Every match after that I went up against savant players who kicked my trash. I was obliterated. One match went so fast that my wife watching was like, "Oh, it's over for you already?" 

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Nintendo Labo Meets Bill Nye the Science Guy

Nintendo Labo is now available today in North America. Nintendo smartly grabbed Bill Nye the Science Guy and had him do a product demo.

I think Bill Nye is a Goa'uld, or has at least mastered the powers of the sarcophagus because this guy looks exactly like he did when I watched him 20+ years ago.

Bill Nye does a really good job showing the gist of these toys / learning devices. The first hurdle for people to get over is the construction process. Using the Switch screen as a touch-screen and display for building instructions is brilliant. 

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Remastering / Re-Releasing Games is a Big Business

If I haven’t spent more money rebuying games in the past year than I’ve spent on new games then it has to be really, really close.

There’s a really big trend in the past few years toward re-releasing or remastering past games. Even the most recent Nintendo Direct was all about re-releasing games like Dark Souls, and they also recently released Skyrim (which itself has had numerous releases). Nintendo is leading this phenom with their NES and SNES classic systems and console tempting lots of games to release again.

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My Favorites from the Latest Nintendo Direct

Waiting for Nintendo’s next Nintendo Direct was starting to become a meme, and at times it felt like the company was even trolling us on Twitter with their nonsensical imagery. Yesterday, with practically no announcement at all, they dropped a ‘mini’ Direct on us with lots of great games and details.

I’m just going to touch on a few of my favorites and stand-outs, but you can find all of the games and info on Nintendo’s official site for the Jan 11th Direct.

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Titan Quest Coming to Consoles in 2018

I thought this was really cool and really, really weird.

Titan Quest is coming to… Console? I mean … Console!  I don’t know how I feel about that, but I love Titan Quest and I was just talking yesterday about how much I wanted a good RTS to come to the Switch. Oh yeah, did I mentioned console includes the Switch — though there’s no announced date for the Switch and the other systems will see a release on March 20, 2018.

Curiously, the newest expansion (Ragnarok) isn’t included. Perhaps a separate purchase in the future? I’m not sure I understand that decision because most people (myself included) would be much more inclined to go back and buy the game a second or third time on a console if we were enticed by the newest expansion we hadn’t played before.

I’m also curious why it’s going to be a physical disc release instead of a digital download. Seems like an unnecessary added cost to everyone involved to buy a $30 version of the game when it’s on Steam for $20.

And the need for a collector’s edition with gimmicky additions is a little strange to me, but lately CE’s haven’t made sense to me for any game.

Titan Quest for consoles is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Check out all the details below:

Standard Edition contains:
– Contains Titan Quest and Immortal Throne
RRP: EUR/USD 29.99, £26.99
Platforms: PS4™ system, Xbox One

Collector’s Edition contains:
Link to Mockup: http://n.thq.com/mKUS30hc2cy
– Contains Titan Quest and Immortal Throne
– Replica of a Greek war helmet, 23cm (9,06 inches)
– Notepad
– Premium Box
RRP consoles: EUR/USD 119.99, £104.99
RRP PC: EUR/USD 109.99, £99.99
Platforms: PC, PS4™ system, Xbox One


Nintendo Switch is Having a Really, Really Good Year

The Switch seems to be the console everyone wants to “bring games back” to, and the console where I keep seeing game fans wish an old favorite would make its return.

I found this article today talking about Square wanting to port over some of its older portfolio to the Switch. How awesome would that be?

“So we think that programme of porting and transferring the older titles over to newer platforms, such as the Switch, is very important. So that people get that awareness of our back catalogue. Just straight ports isn’t cutting it, we need to update those and modernise them to make something that works for modern gamers too.” – Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda

Brian Fargo tweeted a tease today that looks like Wasteland 2 is coming to the Switch, and we also know as of today that Payday 2 is coming to Switch as well in February.

Oh, and Breath of the Wild getting Game of the Year from the VGA doesn’t hurt either.

These types of big wins for Nintendo are probably why the company’s stocks are back to their 2008 levels, and why the Nintendo Switch is selling as fast the Playstation 4 and is about to outsell the Wii U’s entire 4 year lifespan worth of sales.

Now fans (myself included) want to see more games come to the Switch including genres we really see as underrepresented. I’d love to see a Diablo 2 remaster, or any kind of really good action RPG come to the console. I’d also like to see something like Hearthstone or the upcoming MTG arena make its way to the Switch.

2017 was an awesome year for Nintendo, so here’s hoping they don’t squander this opportunity going into 2018.

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