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Mario Party: The Top 100 is an AWESOME Idea

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct on 9/13/2017 an announced a ton of great information for their games and platforms. Graev and I actually had an impromptu viewing party -- was a blast.

Nintendo brought it on like Donkey Kong this Direct with so many announcements. Chief among them for the New 3DS XL was Mario Party: The Top 100!

Mario Party: The Top 100 is a collection of the top 100 Mario Party mini-games from all 10 of the Mario Party games across all consoles. Top 100 will be a 3DS title, which is probably fitting since it's just a collection of mini-games.

Mario Party 100 minigame

Graev is a little disappointed that it's not an actual Mario Party game because he really enjoys the board game component. While I completely agree that the board game part is really fun, I'm also that guy who really just wanted to dive into the same handful of mini-games each time. The basketball mini-game, for example, was freaking GOLD.

We're both a little more than disappointed that you can't play multiplayer via online play. Multiplayer for Mario Party Top 100 is only available via local play or Download Play (which lets you have one cartridge and have up to 3 other people play using your game via downloading it to their system.) As I speak we're researching ways to tunnel via the internet.

With this, Pokemon, and several other titles (some I've spoken on this week already) there seems to be a resurgence on the 3DS for us. If anything notable (good or bad) comes up, we'll let you know.


Minecraft on 3DS Swings and Misses

"Woah, dude, look at that!" was our reaction when Nintendo showed Minecraft finally coming out on the New Nintendo 3DS and 2DS handheld consoles.

Initially the idea was magical. Minecraft in 3D, available in handheld format, that isn't a janky edition on a phone with terrible controls! We could play together on the go! And then, upon further inspect... reality.

Minecraft on 3DS/2DS doesn't have multiplayer. It will never receive online multiplayer, and according to the post on the official website will at best receive "local" multiplayer in the future. It won't even receive the "Better Together" update. Minecraft 3DS also won't have any 3D gameplay! Huh... 

There are pretty strict limitations on monsters too, even stricter than console versions. "Only 24 enemies, 24 animals, 16 water creatures, and 16 villagers can exist at one time," according to Minecraft Gamepdia.

Additionally, it appears that the 3DS version is being developed separately as a fork off of a version of Pocket edition, meaning it will likely never catch or match the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

Minecraft on a 3DS

Okay, so that sucks. Is there anything good about Minecraft on 3DS?

I think so.

I think the dual-screen on the 3DS will be absolutely amazing for gameplay. Imagine never having to open that inventory and not see the world. You can run around with it open right there. There's also a map which looks convenient -- I know my mom, a devout pocket edition player, would love that.

There's also the fact that it'll eventually get 'local' multiplayer, which means the real target demographic (kids) can play together on road trips or in the same house, and be in an even safer environment than Together provides.

And as alluded to earlier, this is a true mobile version without the janky controls of a phone. I've played extensively on iPhone and iPad, and neither control well at all compared to what it would be like using the 3DS' slide pad and nubbin.

If the opportunities weren't missed, I'd be all over this right now.


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS

Nintendo is proving they are still 100% fully committed to their handheld consoles despite also backing the mobile gaming scene on iOS and Android.

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced/previewed a ton of games as well as new handheld versions of the 2DS.

New 3DS & 2DS XL

If you don't have a 3DS XL, now's a pretty dang good time to get one. You can also get a 2DS XL for a really great price (like $150) and play all of the 3DS games Nintendo announced.

A few New 2DS XL models were just announced during the Direct as well including one we're sure will sell out immediately:

Nintendo 3DS Games Announced / Shown at the
Nintendo Direct

Graev and I were both truly shocked to see such a strong and overwhelmingly "wow" showing for games coming soon to the 3DS & 2DS:

  • Mario Party: The Top 100
  • Kirby™: Battle Royale
  • YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Psychic Specters, and Oni Evolution
  • Metroid™: Samus Returns
  • Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition
  • Mario & Luigi™: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

We'll have more 3DS game coverage to come on these games and systems over the next little bit.

Now really is a great time to jump in and get a 3DS or 2DS system for the Q4/Holiday release lineup.


QuickCast Episode 6: What Are You Playing?

We had some technical difficulties getting this one up for yesterday, but better late than never! I'm just glad we're sticking with podcasting. Over the past decade our biggest struggle has been consistency. This is the year we make progress.

​In this episode, we shoot the breeze about what we've been playing and what we're looking forward to in the next few weeks. 

I even dropped more not-so-subtle hints about getting Graev to play the upcoming EQ TLP with me.​

Games we mentioned this episode:

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QuickCast Episode 3: Rehashisode

Episode Notes

This episode rehashed a few topics from last week (hence the title) and touched upon the latest news surfacing about the Mini NES. Apparently Nintendo has decided to ship the last batch, stating the product was always intended to be temporary.

We chatted about the NES Mini's moddability as well. Graev brought up the Retropie which uses a Raspberry Pi to create a retro gaming system. Really cool.

The latest Nintendo Direct showed a lot for the 3DS, and a few decent titles for the Switch as well. Mario Kart comes out at the end of this month!

Graev shared his very brief and broad impressions of Persona 5 in response to a question from one of our listeners.

Keen is looking forward to trying Kingdom of Loot (impressions to come) and bemoans early access.

We round off the episode by talking about what's coming up in gaming.​

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