EverQuest’s New Time PoP-Locked Progression Server: Agnarr

I’m going to get sucked back into trying the EverQuest progression server thing again. They are releasing a new “PoP-Locked” server which means that the server will not progress beyond the Planes of Power era. Not a terrible place to stop.

My previous dives into the progression servers didn’t end well.

I first started on their Phinigel server, but that was borked beyond belief by the botting and abuse of the system. I wasn’t pleased by how that whole played out. Daybreak broke their promises on how they would unlock content, and the server communities were just garbage.

Then I went back and played on the Ragefire/Lockjaw progression after Kunark came out. Again, I wasn’t enchanted by the experience due to how the servers were being run and how the communities ended up shaking out.

Now I’m throwing myself back into the fire here. Do I expect the communities to be any better? No. I think it will be the exact same players who played on the other servers. Do I think Daybreak may at least keep their word this time? I hope so. They are being more direct in how they present the server this time. Before it had way too much open-endedness and “we’ll see how this goes.”

I’m not sure what class I’m going to play. I’m thinking that I may want something that can solo, but EverQuest is triple or quadruple the amount of fun when played with a group.

If you want to play together, I’m game. I won’t be forming a guild or anything, but I’ll join one if there’s a guild out there that groups together regularly. Let me know if you plan to play.

Agnarr releases Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

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