Star Wars Battlefront Review

Star Wars Battlefront Review

Star Wars Battlefront is out and, after much deliberation, I decided to purchase it after all. You may recall from my Battlefront Beta Impressions that I wasn’t thrilled by a few of the design decisions. I feared the game may be a short-lived phenomenon. I had a few concerns about the game’s longevity because of the maps, the modes, and the features. Now that I can play the full version, here’s how all of those things are playing out.

Maps & Modes in General

Thankfully there are a few more maps per mode than I had originally thought. The ‘biggest’ mode with 40 players has four maps (one on each planet). That brings up a good point: There are only four planets (Endor, Hoth, Sollust, Tatooine) comprising 12 maps, and those 12 maps are more like variations of the four planets or variations of the same map. While the diversity isn’t what I would have loved to see — like a Tattooine city. While not ugly in any way, most are very simple and somewhat flat without a lot of complexity to their impact on gameplay.

The modes are what you expect just with different names and range from capture the flag to dog fighting in ships. Except for the air battle mode, the modes are rather lackluster. Both Graev and I would have really loved to see a Conquest Mode similar to Battlefield. The modes for capture the flag and ‘droid run’ are fairly uninspired and lack a desire for much replayability since they drive combat closer to arcade grenade spam than they do tactical Star Wars battles.

battlefront ship battles

Longevity and Replayability

Herein lies probably the most important factor of all: Does Star Wars Battlefront have staying power? I have to go with my honest gut opinion here and say that it doesn’t have the staying power of shooters we all used to love and play 5-10 years ago. While fun, it’s more of that ‘flash-in-the-pan’ kind of experience. Some people call it the “Titanfall Effect” where its awesome, amazing, innovative, tons of fun, but you stop playing two or three weeks later.

The key to Battlefront’s long-term success rests entirely on how DLC and expansions to the game are handled. Unfortunately, EA doesn’t have the most amazing track record with its shooters — namely the modern Battlefields — and their staying power. I can’t see myself playing this 6 months from now. Does that mean I won’t get my money’s worth? That’ll be subjective. Personally, I’ll get enough hours out of Battlefront to justify the $48 I spent (Thanks to Best Buy’s game club I get 20% off new releases).

battlefront capture the flag mode

Guns, Unlocks, Customization, Etc.

I stated back in my beta impressions that this system was lacking. It still is. Simply gaining access to new things linearly as you level and then spending credits you earn to unlock and slot them is too simple. They are completely missing the customization of recent Battlefield games. Alternatively we could compare this to Battlefront 1 and 2’s class system which they are also lacking. Instead, everyone is the same and you can simply change your character’s ethnicity and/or take off your Storm Trooper’s helmet.

Battlefront’s Multiplayer Platform / UI / Framework

Here’s where they’ve started to make great headway. I really, really like how they handled multiplayer and playing with friends. Inviting friends on both PC & Console is easy. Forming a squad works seamlessly. Playing with Graev on the PS4 has never been easier. Being able to choose a “partner” from your group so that you can spawn on them is a very nice touch.

Battlefront, like every game these days (Overwatch, Fallout4, etc), is designed for consoles first. The UI is defined by that experience. An in-game example of this is how AMAZINGLY well the vehicle control on consoles but how poorly they are implemented on PC. The game is full of amazing control and UI decisions that I enjoy — on consoles.

Battlefront droid run mode

Challenge Modes & Singleplayer in Battlefront

There are a few singleplayer modes that work mostly like challenge modes. Graev and I have had some fun playing these. Two nights ago we spent 2 hours trying to beat them on hard mode and failed after being really far into one of them. The harder modes are absolutely brutal and a real test of skill. While trying to survive waves of storm troopers or capturing pods may be a lot of fun — and being able to do it co-op is even more fun — I can’t say this is a replacement for multiplayer. Battlefront is a multiplayer game.

Gameplay & General Fun

Despite my highly critical remarks so far, I feel that Battlefront is a very fun game. I am glad I bought it, and knowing what I know now I would still buy it again. I love the atmosphere. I love shooting blasters, flying X-wings, playing as Darth Vader (SO FUN), and strategizing with Graev on how best to defend our flag or take on incoming enemies.

Is Star Wars Battlefront worth buying? Yes, but go into this purchase knowing what to expect. Battlefront truly captures the Star Wars feel in a very modern way, but falls slightly short of bringing an innovative or new shooter experience.

  • Have to completely disagree on the multiplayer tools front. They are atrocious. I’m sure for consoles its an “amazing and innovative and elegantly simple” tool or whatever… but my sweet holy GOD is it ever a two-decade old leap BACKWARDS for PC gamers.

    We’ve been able to search servers/hosts/friends/gamemodes/customizations/anything/anything/anything since the 90s. Now we are reduced to clicking “play”.

    Just…. wow.

  • Thanks Keen and Greav for saving me money again. I loved Battefront back in the day but without a single player campaign, and limited replayability I guess I will just pass. Just too many other games out there right now. Not to mention I am not thrilled to have to reinstall Origin just for it.

  • As a PC gamer, Battlefront has been a disappointment actually. The leveling up system doesn’t promote itself so I have to go looking for stuff after I see that 4 new items are now available for me etc. The pistol that came with the deluxe package is seriously over powered, I just don’t get the same amount of kills without it. I actually wish it wasn’t in the game so I would play with the other guns more. As Rawblin mentioned, the match making system blows.

  • Wait one year and buy the ultimate édition thatl come with all DLC.

    I am having way more fun in the Overwatch beta that i had in the battlefront beta.

    Being a big Star wars fan, im the first to be surprised that i didnt buy it. Im sure EA at least expected to get the fans.. But man, its sad doe tj gaming industry when all thèse people go ahead and buy those 50$ season pass on a game shipped with so little content.

    Have fun !

  • @Rawblin: Server browsers — reliable server browsers — have been gone for years. They aren’t going to make a comeback. Look at Overwatch, Battlefront, and all of the CoDs. This is the future. In terms of how they make this system work, I love the squad play and partner play tools. They ARE better and improvements upon this system. Playing with friends really hasn’t been much easier — especially on consoles.

    @Michael Whitt: Glad we could help! Battlefront -IS- fun, but if you’re looking for a shooter that will last you 3-6 months and have a singleplayer campaign? Definitely not Battlefront.

    @Raven.Fish: That pistol can be unlocked once you reach max level (hah) and I agree. I think the leveling system is even worse than not promoting itself… it’s like you get an unlock every level and you buy it. Sorta dumb.

    @Shimrah: A year from now I worry people won’t be playing.

  • @Keen: I never played CoD, but I know for certain with any Battlefront right now I can open up the browser (literally these days), click search, click advanced search, and look for any damn thing I please as far as options/maps/player numbers/etc. If a buddy is playing, I can click join directly under their name and not only join the game, but also their squad automatically. And if I’m feeling frisky beforehand, I can even check out what the server they are on has going for it as far as options/players/map/time/score/etc. To know if I even really want to join that buddy. Because sometimes our buddies are crazy and do weird stuff.

    It isn’t dead. Apparently they are trying to kill it, but server browsing is not YET dead. I think Titanfall had this same kind of battlefront “console” auto server selection thing. Pretty sure that game didn’t last long.

    I just don’t get how EA/DICE could think that NOT letting players run their own servers, and including the tried and true browser, would be a good idea. How do they expect the years of devotion and community they have seen in the past? There are community run servers for the Battlefield(s, yes plural) that I recognize by the names to this day, that I know will mean a good time for me.

    Just totally blew my mind when they decided this. Absolutely crazy.

  • I love dedicated servers run by communities. I had the most fun in any shooter because of the servers themselves. I ALWAYS played on the “realistic” modded servers and liked the ones run by good admins. The servers extended the lives of the games by months for me.

    Sadly, they’re going away. It’s because the game modes themselves do not really support the idea of a dedicated server. The games don’t ‘feel’ right with them. It’s all sad, all a downgrade for the industry, and not what we want, but it’s happening. 🙁

  • I Just packed it up. None of the modes seem skilled based as much as it is a free for all. I’m actually pretty good where I’m usually lead in kills or lead in objectives in about half of the maps. However I spend to much time running to get to the fight and then die to what seems to be a single shot. Sometimes I have a partner which allows me to get into the fight quicker but I don’t seem to have a choice who it is. Most of the time, I don’t have one and no clue how to select one.

    I’m just so disappointed with this game.

  • If you are on PC, Raven, the way to choose a partner is by hitting Escape (making you unable to do anything during the fast paced game, woohoo!) and clicking up in the top left the small box to the right of your personal portrait, this opens another screen that allows you to pick your partner from your party. If you don’t have a party, I think it just randomly chooses a partner for you from the pool of randos in the game.

  • @Rawblin – Thank you, that is a great tip that wasn’t in the game. I slept on it and tried playing but my disappointment is complete. Just uninstalled the game.

  • Yea, so I’m also not really impressed with Battlefront, It’s just missing SO MUCH that could have potentially made it a great game, it’s game lacking in depth in every single section of the game,

    I do enjoy heroes vs Villains though, that’s my favorite mode, getting a chance to play as all the heroes and getting really good with them, also learning their strengths and weaknesses.

  • I love the Fighter Squadron mode and the Supremacy mode is fun too. I’ve had fun on many Walker Assaults as well. Hero Mode is fun, but it’s gamed pretty hard. Anyone who gets Leia just hides in the back of the base. “OMg I’m a Jedi” kicks in and the idiot heroes on my team always run out and get slaughtered.