Codsworth is a BAMF

I know that Star Wars came out today, but I won’t have my copy until tonight when I get home from work so my thoughts and videos will have to wait a bit there. Let’s talk more Fallout 4!

I was able to push past that power plant finally. I ended up being able to molotov the heck out of that room and got a few lucky shots off with my shotgun. What really did it for me was being able to activate some robot and put it into police mode. I think it killed a few raiders! At one point it turned on me though, and I don’t know why. So I had a robot AND those raiders AND their turrets on me…

Being able to interact with consoles and activate robots or the environment has been neat. I’ve found consoles to activate turrets, lights, alarms, robots, etc. Very neat that I can sort of come up with my own way to get past scenarios.

Getting past the power plant and being able to see fresh air again was nice. I made my way back to Sanctuary where I offloaded TONS of materials and upgraded my armor and planted lots of crops — built a radio transmitter too so I hope that my population grows!

I decided to swap out Dogmeat for Codsworth, and HOLY CRAP he’s amazing. He charges in and saws people in half! Stupid Dogmeat just runs in and detonates mines or provokes raiders into nuking me. Codsworth is like, “Mr. Doug shall I $&*# them up for you?!” Yes, please. I took Codworth on a few outings and we ended up liberating another settlement and clearing out a few other areas of raiders.

What I’m still struggling with is finding a decent gun. Guns aren’t dropping. Ammo is sorta dropping more now. So I have ammo but my guns are pipe rifles, pipe pistols, and a basic short barrel shotgun. Does my luck suck or do the better rifles/guns of any kind drop somewhere else? Oh, I did find another Fat Man nuke launcher. Can I break these down somehow? I’m trying to figure out how to scrap them. I thought it was at the weapons bench, but couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I missed it.

Today I’ll be playing lots of Star Wars, but tomorrow I’ll pick up on my adventure again. Now that I have the hang of things I’ll take some videos to go along with these entries. That way you guys can see the context and help me out.

  • You can break down guns at the weapons bench, I wouldn’t do it till you have the scrapper perk though, which is in INT. Once you get that you’ll have plenty of screws. Honestly you just have to search for a decent rifle or get lucky and stumble upon a legendary mob that drops something good. My best weapon so far is .45 rifle that is semi auto, huge clip, does an extra 10 points of cryo dmg, and crits freezes enemies. Makes for taking out super mutants rushing with mini nukes or raider’s with fat men much easier.

    I personally don’t like companions that deal most of the damage. I want to feel like the bad ass, not some dude with a robot that kills everything for him.

    I don’t mind Dogmeat that much, except when he gets in the way. Honestly he provides so little support I might start having him chill back at base camp.

  • There is some luck with the weapons but check every trader and eventually you’ll find a good one. I think all you need to do is find a basic hunting rifle and you can eventually mod that up to a pretty serious .50 sniper rifle. The very best weapons will come from legendary mobs, though.

    I’m loathe to replace Dogmeat since I already put a point into lone wanderer and he’s still been pretty useful as a distraction and holding ghouls down.

  • Hmm reading about companion perks being permanent its actually worth using all the companions at least until you max affinity with them to get the perk.

  • @Yotor: I have the scrapper perk already. Graev had me get that, and my supply of screws right now is in the 30s I think. Pretty good? I’ll have to check those benches again and see where I’m going wrong with breaking stuff down. I have 4 shotguns, a fat man, and maybe a dozen other guns to scrap.

    @Krigare: I didn’t want to replace Dogmeat since he’s exactly what I’m looking for in terms of story and feel. I love a dog companion. But… Codsworth saws people in half and actually helps me kill stuff. I had to make the switch. I still haven’t seen a legendary monster yet. Everything I do seems to make Codsworth happy too, so that should max him out quick I hope.

  • To scrap weapons you open up the weapon bench, select a weapon, and on PC at least press R to scrap. Should show the button for you at the bottom of the screen. It then shows you what you’ll get and you confirm. I’m not aware of any perk requirements but I haven’t tried to scrap anything serious yet.

  • I have Gun Nut and Scrapper so I should be able to. I’ll give it a shot when I play next. Also just picked up armorer and I made a few significant upgrades to armor.

    Question: Is there any downside to wearing metal armor over leather other than the weight and stat differences?

  • Metal gives you better gives you better protection against ballistic shit like bullets.

    Leather armor give you better protection against lasers.

    And of course the power armor is situational, even though I have like 30 cores, I rarely use it. Dont forget to repair it.

  • Guns will be plentiful later on. soon you will be leaving them on the corpses. Ammo however will be rare. Paladin Danse gives you a pretty powerful energy weapon that is very useful. Again though ammo is hard to come by, until you go on “Synth killin quests”
    Lmandragoran is my PSN name if you would like to shoot some rebels in the face tonight!

  • It’s ok, I’m still using the laser musket you get from the dead minuteman in the mission where you get the power armor, and a switchblade when I run out of ammo… or when I feel like it… nothing quite as satisfying as sneaking up on and shanking a raider.

  • I’m a sneak/sniper type of person. I found a .308 that I modified to give me about 66 dmg. I had to invest in the gun nuts perk to craft. I use that for my head shot kills and then switch to a tactical shotgun that did 72 dmg for the eventual swarm of mobs. I was feeling very under powered until about level 10 with guns. Found a couple of legendary mobs that drop some good guns but my crafted gun were slightly better. If you are a power armor type of person, go to the Cambridge police station and start your Brotherhood of Steel quests, lots of laser pistol/rifles.
    While though Battlefront is out and I’m playing it today, I decided to give Fallout a rest. I feel the combat is super clunky. The VASTS system is useless to me with the slow motion instead of the old freeze. I play on a PC and the mouse just can’t get there fast enough before a mob is on me. Bugs will sidestep my shots when I aim at them. It feels unnatural and I usually end up running around shooting randomly hoping for a kill.
    I do love the story lines and the characters and I’ll back to the game when it either gets patched or the PC mod communities fix the issues.
    FYI, 25 hours in, still haven’t been to Boston yet.

  • I found a combat rifle today and holy crap what an improvement over the stupid pipe rifles. I’m also sticking to stealthy kills and go around with the .308 sniper for long range and the .45 combat for everything else. Also have a shotgun and 10mm pistol for last resort but the .45 is 2 shot kills no sneak bonus right now.

    I actually like the gunplay and almost never use VATS. I had to turn off mouse smoothing, mouse acceleration, and VSYNC for it to feel right. There’s a config tool on fallout 4 nexus that makes it real easy to change all that stuff.

  • I have a .308 rifle but I’m pretty sure it’s still a pipe. I’ll check on that later. Definitely not a 2 shot or anything — in fact I think headshots aren’t even 1 shot kill with it… hmm.

    My stealthy game is sorta… bleh. I didn’t start with a lot of agility. I opted for more intelligence and charisma. Maybe something I can level up with points as I level?

  • @Krigare – did the mouse improvements etc prior but it just never felt great.

    @Keen – I only had 3 AGI also, I found that sneaking while exploring was a great first warning when you are about to stumble upon something, plus the speed was quick. When I see my display go from Hidden to Detected I just start scanning around with the VATS system. I have avoided running underneath trees of many Bloatflies and Stingerwings in them that way.

  • Adrian C makes a great point. Go to the police station as soon as you can and hook up with the Brotherhood of Steel. Danse will take you on a mission that once completed will result in a sweet ass laser rifle that is pretty good. You will get a lot of ammo for it actually as you are running the mission with him because of the type of weapons the baddies you encounter use. I have never liked energy weapons in Fallout but his weapon, that has a pretty great unique name too, is worth it.

    As for where to find that mission, once you get in the general area of Cambridge you will detect a radio signal that will alert you to the location.

  • Definitely level up scrounger from the luck tree. Helps a ton with ammo. Also, pick a weapon style and focus on it a bit with perks. Some of the perks synergize heavily to really amp up your damage.

    You can certainly spend a level up point on your main skill instead of perks to unlock a new perk further down a tree.

    Some of the guns available on random mobs are leveled loot. Raiders toting mostly pipe rifles at level five will have more combat rifles and such at level 15-20. You can still find better weapons at earlier levels like any fallout game, but you have to be willing to go explore regions that will be more dangerous for you at low levels.