ChaosCast Episode #4: Interview with Carrie Gouskos

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ChaosCast Episode #4, the podcast brought to you by the troublesome trio of WAR bloggers (Keen, Snafzg, and Syp), is available for your listening pleasure! In this episode, which we refer to as “Telekinesis, pig’s blood, and the prom”, we sit down and interview Carrie Gouskos of Mythic Entertainment. As the Producer for the Tome of Knowledge, Carrie gives us the lowdown on how the ToK is coming along as well as lots of great information on what it’s like working for Mythic and on Warhammer Online.

During the interview there were a few things that stood out to me from the rest:

  • Carrie hinted at something huge: “There is something that we have not yet announced about the tome that is going to, I think, blow everybody out of the water. It’s going to keep the game going forever and ever and ever.”
  • The ToK will not be like the LOTRO Deed log (Kill 500 lizards) unless you want it to be. The ToK is designed to work naturally with the player as they progress in the game.
  • ToK tactics only impact PvE.
  • The Bragging rights section of the tome is a lot about competition with others.
  • Carrie really pushed that the ToK will continue to be developed well beyond release.
  • Carrie Gouskos min/maxes Choose Your Own Adventure books.
  • Carrie Gouskos officially hates Lurikeens…


Show Notes/Outline
Roasted on the Spit:
We interview Carrie Gouskos, Tome of Knowledge Producer for Mythic Entertainment. (~40 Min of interview)

The Blow Hole (Listener Mail)
This week The Blow Hole takes the place of our usual Round Table Discussion as we sift through all the emails and questions you, our listeners, sent in.
1. Min/Maxing in WAR
2. Tactics in WAR – Balance or choice?
3. How young is too young to beta test?
4. What don’t we like about WAR?
5. Chrono Chaos stuff.

Welcome to the Community
Bloghammer Online
– A fond farewell to WAR Noob

We would like to once again thank Carrie “Lurikeen Hater” Gouskos for allowing us to interview her on ChaosCast! It was a pleasure getting to hear her passion for what she does and I personally can’t wait to see how that translates into the game. We hope that you all enjoy this episode and welcome any feedback, questions, or confessions of your undying love on any of our blogs in the comment sections.

  • Nice chaoscast. Would like to see you guys speaking next time on the hot topic.

    Are you guys fans of this idea of a permanent city rotation?

  • Listened to it with Spinks today – hehe, we synched up our listening for no apparent reason, but was fun to chat about points as they were discussed.

    Any thoughts about setting up some kind of weekly chatroom? I was thinking about it, but only as a very theoretical. I think you guys could make it work a lot better. Think how busy it would have been on friday night!!

  • wow the tome of knowledge gets even more interesting. well done guys, as always a pleasure to listen to the chaos cast – keep it up

  • Well done, but I’m guessing this was done before the big announcements? Can’t wait to hear your input on the changes announced.

  • naked characters slightly less annoying than leet speek? hmmm… on the servers i’ve played on in the past, both were equally dumb. but ok. sounds like it’s gonna be a huge gagfest? I’ll get my rimshot sound effect keychain ready for release.

    Good interview though.

  • Great chaoscast as always and I can`t wait to listen the next Chaos cast on the Hot topic.

  • What could it possibly be that is so big?? What else could they think to add? Physical rewards based on earning achievements? Earning pr0n based on how many things you unlock? Oh, the possibilities!


    LoL Wut?

  • This was recorded and finished the day before the big announcements. Expect us to hit those topics in Episode #5 if they’re still worth discussing in addition to the July newsletter and inevitable producer’s letter.

  • Keen can you post the links to the new sites you mention on your cast under the pod cast announcement.

  • I’ll candymance your ass off!

    The podcast was alright but really could use more Gem and the Holograms.

  • Shadows of Yserbius was the first mmorpg/graphical mud from The Sierra Network(TSN) later known as ImagiNation Network(INN). Came out atleast 5-6 years before The Realm. Good ChaosCast, first time listening to it. Keep up the good work and getting info to the people.