Keen and Graev live from E3 Podcast #1

Yesterday we podcasted live from E3 with our impressions from the Nintendo conference. If it sounds like Graev is speaking in slow motion it’s not because he was drunk, but because he was extremely tired and feeling under the weather. I think he actually passed out minutes later. 😛

We have plans to record more podcasts and hope to get them up soon. Our free time to sit down and write has been a lot more limited than we expected. I’m busting at the seams to disclose all the information about the games being shown here. I’ll do an impressions piece later tonight.

K&G Live from E3 Episode #1: Nintendo Conference


Direct link to podcast

  • The podcast is rather quiet.. I have to turn my volume up almost all the way to hear it.. also, whats wrong with marketing towards people?

  • The podcast is pretty loud on this laptop and on the audio recorder we had. I’ll look into it. This is our first time recording on the fly with a handheld recorder so there are bound to be issues with it.

  • I dunno, maybe my speakers just suck…. Its mostly just graev that I can’t hear…

  • Yeah, that would be because he was laying down while we recorded trying not to fall asleep. 😛 Future podcasts will be much better on audio.

  • lol that’s hilarious, at least you two are keeping busy and learning lots. That’s whats important right?