ChaosCast Episode #3: Garthilk of WHA Roasted on the Spit

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The troublesome trio of WAR bloggers (Keen / Snafzg / Syp) are back again for another episode of ChaosCast! Episode #3 is finally up due to our hectic schedules causing several delays, but we’re positive it was worth the wait. We had the opportunity to sit down and get to know Garthilk – the man behind WHA, the biggest and without a doubt most popular Warhammer Fansite/Forum out there, in a new segment titled “Roasted on the Spit”.


Show Notes/Outline
The Blow Hole (Listener mail)
We take the questions that YOU submitted to us over the past two weeks and do our best to answer them and even mix in a little discussion.

New Community Sites: Werit Blog, White Tower of Hoeth, Warhammer Gaming Scene (currently down for remodeling), Wizards and Wenches

Roasted on the Spit: Garthilk, Site Manager for Warhammer Alliance
We sit down and interview the man behind the biggest WAR fansite/forum to discover why he does what he does, where his site is going, and more. After the interview Garth joins us for our Round-table Discussion to weigh in his thoughts on the topics.

Round-table Discussion:
1. June’s Newsletter
2. Interesting tidbits from the Baltimore Gamesday

We would like to thank Garthilk for taking the time to come onto our Podcast and answer our questions!

As always if you have any questions, comments, or reasons to profess your undying love to us please feel free to leave a comment on one of our blogs and it may end up in the next or future episode of ChaosCast!

  • It looks like more games gave timers (small press ones too), so I suspect it is just an automated thing they do an nothing special 🙁

  • Great podcast!

    Just a little pointer, please use low-volume background music, wich helps help cut out dead air and the (very low amount of) static present!

    For the rest, keep it up!

  • first off your podcasts are great, and im not sure if this is where i should put this (not that great with blogs and what not) anyway i had a question for the next episode. I have been following WAR for a while and would love to be in Beta, but guess what?. Im too young. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the age thing. I can understand them only wanting good and mature opinions, but not all the ppl under 18 are little kids that would have bad opinions. ive seen the vids and there isnt much left for me to look up till they release more. I think i would have good information to share with them if i got the chance. So as i said what do you guys think on the age limit and why it is really important or why they cant lower it to 13ish (for the record im over that lowest number)

  • Great podcast as ever. Especially one thing pumped me up. It’s something a Garthilk the beta-tester said.

    “This game cannot fail now. Only if Mythic want it to.”
    (sorry if I’m not quoting right)

    Awesome podcast as always. Can’t wait for anothers!
    I have a question for chaos cast. We all know what we will like in WAR. But the true good opinion would be if you would think about what can we NOT like in WAR. Thought about that?