WAR June Newsletter

Yes precious...I have been INCREDIBLY busy the past few days and today has knocked me off my feet completely. I hopped on the comp long enough to discover that the links for the June Newsletter had been leaked (Thanks WHA). Yippy! Time to go through them and give my thoughts.

The video of the month was once again the cornerstone of the entire newsletter. It gave out, mostly, clarification and detail on facts that we were already given a few newsletters ago. Toward the end of the Podcast Jeff mentions “Banner Scraps” that can be used to HELP buy some of the best RvR gear. These scraps come from taking enemy standards. Overall the standard system sounds like it’s been thought out and developed to be an additional layer to RvR combat in general because of the bonuses gained from the tactics that go along with it.

The Mongbat video…. …. ….. .. ….. Josh you scare me. 😛 *pets the banner*

Paul’s Video Blogs were once again fantastic. I recommend “Jumping Gyro”.

The Bastion Stair looks downright sexy. I hope all the dungeons in the game will look cool and contain lots of interesting content. If there’s anything in a mmorpg that turns me off of dungeon crawling or pve in general it’s ugly and monotonous dungeons. GET THEM RIGHT MYTHIC!

The last bit I want to comment on is the White Lion grab bag info. I can’t seem to shake the monkey on my back whispering “It sounds like the WoW hunter!” Well, it’s more of a melee version I guess. Overall the grab bag didn’t do much for me in the White Lion department. I’m still not hyped about that class much, but look forward to killing dozens of them on the battlefield.

Overall… mediocre newsletter. Nothing blew me away or made my jaw drop in awe – except Josh petting the banner. As more links become available I’ll add them to the list.

  • I want more videos like the Mongbat one if the news about the game is slowing down.

  • I welcome them as well. At first I was just sitting there with a raised brow and then Josh comes on petting the banner and I nearly choked on my soda.

  • Yeah, looks like they’re running out of new stuff to tell us! The banner system sounds really cool, I like how they made sure there were good reasons to carry a banner and good reasons to take it (sounds like a simple concept – that devs should have good reasons for the players to do something, but it’s amazing how many things are placed into other games that won’t have any good or bad consequences, meaning no motivation for the player to perform the task).

    That’s one thing I really like about Mythic so far, it seems like they are definitely trying to get in the mind of the player and they really understand what makes an MMO cool and what drives players to complete certain objectives.

  • Banners definitely seem cool. I’m interested to know what some of the banner abilities will be and which classes will be best at carrying them. One would assume sturdy tanks, but you never know.

  • Well I am getting more and more Excited. I am trying to figure out how to start my own guild so I can manage one of these cool banners. Granted, it is kind of hard being a guild of one.

  • Graev and I are going to have a “community” in WAR centered around our blog. It won’t really be a guild, but more of an open door policy community for people to hang out and have others around to play with… sounds like a guild, but we want to avoid the stigmas that come with that label.

    The reason we’re deciding to go this route is because of the added benefits. We want a Standard to decorate and adorn tactics. We want to be able to take keeps, join alliances, and that sort of thing.

  • Bah, PvP servers.

    In other news, WAR Beta phase 2 is rumored to be over and guild beta about to start. On the home stretch now . . .

  • Sounds good. I’ll roll with ya, regardless of our VN boards run ins 😛

    I like the community idea and have wished I had time to start one myself. I actually have a good name for one if you were interested… but its super secret 😛

  • Bastion Stair, yes please! Can Mythic craft a dungeon encounter as well as Blizzard? How was it in Dark Age?

  • Mongbat video was great. Podcast video was boring, I didn’t pay much attention to it for some reason, probably because I’ve heard similar stuff before.. just not as much in detail.

  • Very funny. The Mythic crew seem to be good sports about the Mongbat takeover. The gyrocopter mount looks sweet.