In my best Darth Vader voice: “NooooOoOooooo!”

Warhammer has been delayed until 2008! 🙁

We’ve not spoken much about WAR, infact not at all.  Graev and I both feel Dark Age of Camelot was the best MMORPG ever released.  Yes, I truly do still believe that to this day.  There was just something so special about that game that neither of us can even put our finger on it and say what it was.  It wasn’t our first MMO so that goes out the window … it was just great.  So given how great we think DAOC was and how much I personally love Mythic, it’s a given that we will be playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The news of its delay hits hard because both of us were truly waiting for this to be “our game”.  Both of us love Warhammer and 40k and we will continue to wait.  While this news is hard to swallow I can understand the need to delay it if it will make the game that much better.

So did you hear that Mythic? Make it good!


I hope some of these people stop liking LOTRO soon…

Never thought I would say this because I am usually a huge supporter for “large” player population server.  But honestly it’s beginning to get on my nerves when I try to go anywhere and I see players literally stacked on top of each other because there is not enough room to stand near a quest npc.  From reading around various boards I’m coming to the conclusion that there are so many people because the World Tour is still able to log in and play.  Crossing my fingers that the crowd thins out as some players lose interest.  I know it’s aweful to say but I hope some people get bored. 😛

Okay changing topics so this doesn’t turn into a rant!  Graev and I spent a couple hours playing today and almost hit level 20.  I blame the crowds for slowing us down with quest objectives*cough*.  Hopefully we will slowly inch our way past the majority of players over the next few days to avoid spending 2 hours on a 30 minute quest.

On the upside, these types of server populations will give LOTRO a very long and healthy life which is a fantastic thing.  Tomorrow we should have lots of screens up for you readers to see.  Until then!

Our first day in Middle-Earth

LOTRO launched yesterday as you undoubtedly know by now.  The servers were packed and honestly to me that’s a good thing.  In closed beta Graev and I decided not to do a single quest past level 14 because we feel that completely a bunch of quests to simply turn them in ruins the flow of experience gain.  We enjoy doing the quests and seeing our characters progress as we turn them in.  All the instant gratification of a mass quest turnins could haunt you in the mid 20’s.

We started our day off by trying to remember where we left off in our questing.  Considering we stopped playing these chars nearly two weeks ago that wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be.  When we finally remembered that we were in the middle of the Saerdan quests and others mid-Bree-Land tasks our adventures quickly began again.  Finishing up the little quests that were blue and even con we found ourselves doing lots of running.  I should have planned ahead but oh well!

So to top an already busy day of wanting to play and compete for quest kills our DSL starts acting up.  It seemed to be dropping us every 15-20 minutes and would stay dead for 5 min at a time.  Those pesky DSL people should know that there are those of us who have no lives that needs our nets!  Okay the DSL was eventually fixed and we were on our way again.  We found ourselves quickly testing our abilities as we actually duo’s three even con Elites for the “Broken Alliance” quest.  We were proud of ourselves for doing something we saw people shouting for a fellowship for all day.

Unfortunately while working on our epic quest line my character became bugged and I did not receive credit for chapter 11.  Grrrr!  So in retribution we finished the night by slaying every single Wight we could find in the Barrow-Downsl  I think we actually completed every single quest there in under an hour… we were incredibly fast.

So now Keen and Graev sit at level 18 ready to begin our new adventures once this pesky downtime is over!

See you in Middle-Earth!


Keen’s LOTRO Review

It’s a long one guys!

Presentation: Having been a Lord of the Rings fan for a large portion of my life I take great pleasure in being able to review a MMORPG wielding such a title. Lord of the Rings Online developed by Turbine could not have been released at a better time. In the wake of past MMORPG successes that grew the genre and a fantastic movie trilogy, LOTRO’s potential fan base has the potential to be enormous. The world of Middle-Earth is a wonderful and magical place just begging to be explored by the artistic and creative minds of a gaming developer. With hundreds of monsters, points of interest, regions, races, unique entire languages, and so much more, how can anyone ever claim a lack of content? It’s a game designers dream. Now with all this potential for greatness comes so much room for error not only from a gameplay standpoint but from the lore. I hope from reading my review you will walk away with a strong impression of just how close Turbine has come to creating the next major MMORPG.

Click ‘more’ to read my full lengthy review!

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We gotta catch’em all!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released yesterday and as fans of the games we absolutely had to get a copy.  Sure some of you may think “wtf? Pokemon? how old are these guys?”.  Pokemon defies age restrictions my friends and let me be the first to tell you that you’re never too old to play a good game.

Being our normal slacker selves we did not pre-order the game.  I guess you can blame LOTRO for taking my attention away from such important matters.  So here we are on Sunday morning at 7:30am having just woken up.  We casually stroll to our car and head out on a tip that the local Gamestop opens two hours early to handle the rush.  Upon arriving at the local Gamestop we see a line out the door full of what looks to be the entire population of the local elementary school. “Curses!! Foiled by mere children!” I yell out my window as we pull away – obviously refusing to stand in line for a game we know will be sold out by the time it’s our turn.  Besides I didn’t want to see any kids cry when they didn’t get a copy… okay I didn’t want to see Graev cry.

Then suddenly it dawned on me.  Target should have the game in!  It’s a big enough release isn’t it?… We dashed across the parking lot to Target and to our astonishment found no line with tons of copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! 

As we drove off I clutched my copy of Pearl – Graev demanded he get Diamond.  Passing the line at Gamestop I knew we had won this day.  I truly am smarter than a 5th grader.

Graev’s thoughts on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadows of Chernobyl

Well I’ll tell you right now that I’m a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic. Movies, video games, books… It’s all good. As long as it has radiation and mutants then I’ll probably find it interesting. STALKER really seemed to spring up out of nowhere for me. Apparently it’s had a rather large following and development cycle, but I was oblivious. As soon as it was released and I heard about it I was immediately intrigued. I must have been living under a rock for years because I had never heard of Chernobyl. You’d think they’d mention at least once in my years of schooling, but it never came up. Well anyways, back to the game…

Feeling the need for a Post-Apocalyptic fix I decided to purchase STALKER. In case you were unaware, it seems STALKER is loosely based off the Nuclear meltdown in Russia. Kind of taking an alternate reality approach with mutants, weird anomalies, and individuals known as “STALKERS” entering the “ZONE” in search of profit. You take the role of the “Marked One.” You fall off a truck full of dead people and find yourself with no memory and only a PDA with the message: “Kill the Strelok.” You get sent on various missions to recover artifacts, documents, kill other stalkers, and the like. The game is pretty open-ended it seems. Or at least they give you the feeling that it is. The area is fairly large and immensely atmospheric. You’ll get a very creepy and derelict feeling in most parts of the game.

Stalker2 Stalker3 Stalker1

At its core STALKER is a FPS. It’s not the best at what it does, but it gets the job done. Apparently the weapons are meant to have a more realistic feel, having low accuracy and such. I never found it to be much of an issue. What might be hard for some people is the difficulty of the game. While I like my share of difficult games I usually like to just sit back and enjoy myself without trying too hard. However with STALKER on what I assume was the “normal” setting, I found I had to reload quite a few times. It was worse in the beginning but as you get a hang of things, get better weapons, guns, and artifacts it really becomes easier.

I’m not quite through with the game yet but I’m getting there. I start up intending to play for a little bit and find myself lost in the game as hours go by. If you are looking for an interesting new FPS experience or just love post-apocalyptic games, then definitely pick up STALKER. This is unless you can’t get over the many bugs and difficulty.

Technical Score: 73/100

Fanboy Score: 85/100