North Downs Quest Map

If you've played LOTRO and reached that wonderful stage in the game where it's time to head to the North Downs I pity you. Only joking of course... sorta. ;)…


Shadowrun for Xbox360 and Windows..huh? Vista?

Shadowrun, the upcoming FPS for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista, has gone gold. From the gameplay videos and trailers I saw on it really does look like an awesome…

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LOTRO Adventure Log May-18-2007

Well it's time to catch you all up on what I've been doing in LOTRO this past week!¬† My last adventure log left off right before I went to Ost…

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World of Warcraft. Dark times for Blizzard Entertainment – Day 6.

It’s day six of Blizzard Entertainment’s website splash/index page showcase. Over the past six days they have been displaying an image and quote of their biggest titles, dating back to Warcraft I and II. It’s actually been really fun recounting my time spent on these fantastic games. A greater portion of my “gaming life” has been spent enjoying Blizzard titles from many genres. However today is somewhat different. I’m not enjoying the memories I have of World of Warcraft.

Back in the summer of 2004 the only thing I could think about was World of Warcraft. It was to be the biggest release the mmo genre had ever seen. We know now that the anticipation was correct because WoW is the “biggest” mmo out there. But I want to talk about why the game failed in my mind and in the mind of others who share my views on the industry and the Warcraft name. I don’t need to recount things that are obvious to everyone. The launch was smooth and the first few months of release were fine. However the start of WoW was the end of Blizzard winning streak. Not everything remained that way. Click ‘More’ for the rest of the article. (more…)


Elidroth formerly of Sigil Games Online speaks out

Today on the FOH board former Game Designer Elidroth Renato spoke out about the recent events. Elidroth has always been extremely willing to communicate with the playerbase offering information on…

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