Sigil Employees Terminated

From approximately 4:30PM today, Sigil employees were told to meet outside. At which point they were terminated. On the spot. By whom? Doesn't seem to have been Brad…


You know you’ve made it when…

Your site is overrun by the gold sales industry! Yep that's right tonight was spammed with gold ads for "cheap golds!". While we felt a tad violated it's nice…

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Paper and Spiders and Guitars, oh my!

I've been very busy lately bouncing between three games.  Super Paper Mario, Spider-Man 3, and Guitar Hero 2. Super Paper Mario Not much needs to be said about this game. …

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Blizzard Entertainment proudly presents…

That's what I'm waiting to hear soon.  If you have not already been there check out to see their latest cryptic advertising venture.  Rumor has it that Blizzard will…

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*shakes head in disgust* I swore I was never going back to Gamestop… Guitar Hero 2 “rocks!”

But of course I did. If you recall, a few days ago I posted about my horrific trip to Gamestop. I swore I was never going back ever and what’s the first thing I did when I couldn’t find what I needed? Anyway I’ll get to the Gamestop thing in a minute.

Today Graev and I finally decided to bite the bullet and get Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox360. We had been thinking about it for a long time and the game just seemed too popular and too cool to pass up. With our luck, as usual, everywhere was sold out except the Circuit City 15 minutes away. How this place is still standing I have no idea – it’s been around since I was like 5 years old. We get there and we see Guitar Hero 2 on the shelves for $90 and I wince. That’s a lot coin for a game where you play a guitar isn’t it? Good thing for us Graev has that $1,000 from MTV. So we pick the game up in its huge box and lug it over to the counter. Well crap it’s two player capable and it requires a second guitar?! “Where do I get one of those?” I asked the employee. “We’re out and can’t keep them on the shelves” he replied. [Expletive!!]

So back to the Gamestop thing. “I won’t” I told Graev. “You can’t make me and I swore I wouldn’t ever return”. So five minutes later I find myself walking into the store and I see two little kids playing Guitar Hero 2 and I shake my fist. Walking to the counter I see some lady putting games behind the glass… “oh how I loathe thee” I thought to myself.

Keen: “Do you have any Guitar Hero 2 guitars for Xbox 360? The guitars themselves and not the game.”
Employee: “Those aren’t out yet.”
Keen: “I think you’re mistaken, the Circuit City down the street had them but is out of stock right now.”
Employee: “No, the street date is marked for next month”
Keen: “YOU’RE WRONG YOU FILTHY DISGUSTING LIAR!!” Okay I didn’t say that. “Well they ARE out. Circuit City is sold out and Best Buy is sold out so they did at some point in time have them. You guys just don’t have any.”
Employee: “I don’t see how that can be. They don’t come out until next month.”
Keen: “Ya okay, sure.”

I proceed to walk out of Gamestop. What a waste of time. And lady from the Gamestop you know who you are and you can eat your lies!!

So anyway I called Best Buy and they’re getting another shipment in on Wednesday. Guitar Hero 2 rocks although I completely suck at it. Graev’s really getting good but the songs are beginning to wear thin on my nerves… If I have to listen to Cherry Pie one more time I’m going to really have to get me some pie. mmm pie… afk.

Click more to see videos of Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360 and go Here to buy Guitar Hero 2! (more…)

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MadeofLions speaks on The Shores of Evendim

Wow… There’s just so many fantastic things announced in this single post that I can’t wait. The high 20’s and low 30’s have been slow since closed beta and the testers, myself included, sent in so much feedback on what the game needed. They did add a few quests before release and I was somewhat pleased but with this information I’m ecstatic. The twenty-six solo quests with item rewards alone made me dance for joy! I can’t wait to write my thoughts on this area when it’s released in May now instead of June!

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Adventures anew

Looking back a few blog entries you'll find that I've been struggling to pinpoint exactly what race and class combination I want to take to the end in LOTRO. So…

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