Spider-Man 3: The Game – Hit or Miss?

Reviews are coming in for the new Spider-Man 3 game and things don't look too good for our web-slinging friend.  It's getting mediocre to average scores across the board and…

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We’re back!

Graev and I are finally back from our 5 day trip to New York City.  We're extremely tired - well actually exhausted.  Airplanes are the ultimate suck and hotel beds…

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Our first day in Middle-Earth

LOTRO launched yesterday as you undoubtedly know by now.  The servers were packed and honestly to me that's a good thing.  In closed beta Graev and I decided not to…

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See you all in Middle-Earth! -Keen and Graev of Silverlode Server

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Keen’s LOTRO Review

It’s a long one guys!

Presentation: Having been a Lord of the Rings fan for a large portion of my life I take great pleasure in being able to review a MMORPG wielding such a title. Lord of the Rings Online developed by Turbine could not have been released at a better time. In the wake of past MMORPG successes that grew the genre and a fantastic movie trilogy, LOTRO’s potential fan base has the potential to be enormous. The world of Middle-Earth is a wonderful and magical place just begging to be explored by the artistic and creative minds of a gaming developer. With hundreds of monsters, points of interest, regions, races, unique entire languages, and so much more, how can anyone ever claim a lack of content? It’s a game designers dream. Now with all this potential for greatness comes so much room for error not only from a gameplay standpoint but from the lore. I hope from reading my review you will walk away with a strong impression of just how close Turbine has come to creating the next major MMORPG.

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