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Check out the latest Forum gossip in this week’s LOTRO Weekly Forum Digest:

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This week’s LOTRO Forum Digest is up!

It has been a very interesting week on the forums! So many great things are brought to you in this week’s LOTRO Digest including NEW Official Forums, the relief of no more IP blocking, the announcement of the World Tour with a possible 600,000+ players in Open beta, and more! As Open Beta arrives you won’t want to miss out on anything – and lucky for you the Digest is here to help.
– Keen

Link: LOTRO Weekly Forums Digest – 03/29/2007

MeanKeenLurikeen @ 9:59AM Thu 29 Mar 2007

Ctrl+F Funny in C&C3… The Power of Incentives

C&C3: Tiberium Wars is out! Graev and I have been busy playing the campaign and skirmish modes to hone our skills and prepare for the online slaughtering! What would the release of such a spectacular game be without a comic to go along with it?!

The Power of Incentives

LOTRO IP Blocking Removed!

Straight from the devs:

Hello everyone,

Throughout the Alpha and Beta phases of development, we have worked hard to satisfy the enthusiastic community that has risen up in support of LOTRO. We listened to and incorporated your ideas many times throughout development and our game is now stronger for it. As we prepare for launch we wanted to let you know that your feedback still matters. We have been listening and will continue to do so in the future.

Recently, some players expressed their concern about our plans to implement IP blocking. After listening to our fans, we have decided to remove IP blocking in North America.

However, we strongly encourage players to purchase and play the game in their region to receive the best game experience, connectivity and local customer support. Please note that regional clients are only operable with their respective regional services.

In closing, we would like to thank the players for your feedback. Your honest input has been invaluable to us throughout development. We are always listening to your feedback.

Enjoy Middle-earth!

In other words LOTRO multinational guilds rejoice!

It’s really great to see a company listening to feedback and responding so quickly. It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that Turbine announced this information and it’s already being reversed. Congrats to the players who made this possible.

New feature at the Vanguard Vault: Forum Highlights

Each week I will be covering the Vanguard Vault’s Weekly Forum Highlight. Similar to my responsibilities to the LOTRO Vault’s Digest I will be browsing the VGVault forums for humor, guides, insight, suggestions, and anything that might be worth sharing with the community.

Here’s a look at this week’s Forum Highlights:

– DeKyos brings us a Guide on Creating Crafting Macros which is sure to help anyone out there with sore fingers.

– vn_vigilante66 started a topic asking “If you could change one thing” what would it be?

– -Nuke- has written a guide on the Tomb of Lord Tsang Legendary Weapon Quest Upgrades! While not new on the boards, this topic is still finding ways to be useful to the community. Thank’s -Nuke-!

– Another great topic from -Nuke- shows the GM’s have a great sense of humor! While adventuring in Rahz Inkur a Gm decided to turn the whole raid into Gnomes and then Birds!

Ranger Guide 1.0 was posted on the Offensive Fighters board this week by TheLightningDragon21. His guide details abilities, tactics, group dynamics, and more. For new Rangers this is a great resource.

– A fantastic idea was introduced by Noisy_Cricket on our General board. How about a different quest tab for adventuring, diplo and crafting? Discuss this idea and maybe even throw in a few of your own!

You can see this week’s highlights and catch up on any you missed here!

If you come across a topic you feel the Vanguard Vault should highlight please feel free to send me an email or PM me here on the vault.

So like the article says, if you come across a topic you think is worthy of recognition send it my way!

New Tolkein book to be published!

AWESOME! Another Tolkien book!

LONDON (AFP) – An unfinished book by “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien, which was completed by his son, will go on sale on next month, a newspaper said.
“The Children of Hurin”, which Tolkien began in 1918, will be in bookshops on April 17, the Independent on Sunday added. The author’s son, Christopher, spent 30 years completing the story from the many drafts produced by his father.

Read the whole thing here!

My thoughts on the March 19 LOTRO patch

Initial thoughts on the patch: So far so good.

They patched smoothly and came up on time this afternoon. From what I can see, no new problems have been introduced and the game and many long standing issues have been fixed.

I found this note to be somewhat funny: The “Waiting for server” message has been removed.

So when we are lagging we… just don’t know about it? I rarely saw this message so this change won’t bother me.

On the note of game performance: Bree didn’t lag much at all!

Patch Notes March 19, 2007

Patch Notes – March 19, 2007

Just a few this time, since we’re so close to launch – but we’ll start with a big one!

  • East Angmar is now open! This area is intended for levels 45-50, and is not for the faint of heart!
  • Rain has been temporarily disabled. Enjoy the sunny weather!
  • Lots of work on the back end to improve performance and stability.
  • Fixed the problem with some video chipsets displaying black spots instead of faces.
  • The purchasing cost of level 2 skills has been reduced slightly.
  • The pre-order items are now destructable. They cannot be sold because they have a value of zero, but can be destroyed by the player.

East Angmar should provide the much needed boost in hunting from 45-50 and improvements to performance and stability is always a great thing. I’ll give my feelings on the improvements once the servers are back up.