LOTRO Euro collectors edition.. where do I start?

I think the best place to begin would be to quote Laeth, the Codemasters Community Manager:

“Hi All

We’ve been reading the many posts about some of the disappointment you are feeling from the Collectors Edition. As previously mentioned the Leather Wristband and Prima guide couldn’t make it into the pack due to time constraints and manufacturing issues, but customers will be able to redeem these items via a special page on the official LOTRO website come April 24th. With regards to the other items that have been mentioned we can only apologies for any misunderstanding, though we should at least explain why and how these things came about.

The Cloth Map changed to a Parchment Map very late on in the production , again due to some manufacturing and quality issues; we had a choice of either not including the map at all or giving you something that would still look great but be on slightly different material. We feel we made the correct choice in giving you a great high quality item.

The Letter from Jeff Anderson changed to a Letter from Jeffrey Steefel for the simple reason that Jeffrey is the closest person to LOTRO and knows more about the game than anyone else in the world – we felt that a letter from Jeffrey would be an amazing keepsake for any diehard LOTRO fan. The wax seal was missing as our heath and safety bods wouldn’t allow us to use hot wax.

The Golden Ring competition is still going ahead, albeit under a slightly different guise – we were blown away with the amount of orders we had from all over Europe and our legal guys just couldn’t find a way for us to run the competition in all territories legally. To this end we had to rework the way the competition runs and details on this will be announced shortly. The winners will still get the Gold and Silver rings along with the trip to Turbine and the Zunes so please bear with us.

We are truly sorry for any disappointment caused and have worked tirelessly to bring you a Collectors Edition we are immensely proud of.

Many thanks

The LOTRO Marketing Team”

So basically the collectors edition promised and failed to deliver on the following things:

The chance to find a 24 karatgold ring and 9 sterling silverrings in the 5000 boxes are not mentioned anymore.
The collectors clothmap of middleearth has turned into a paperprint of Angmar.
The Waxed sealed letter also turned into a paperprint
The Prima guide has turned into a digital PDF download.
The leather wristband is not in but can be mailed later.

I live in the United States and this doesn’t have any affect on me whatsoever but I can’t help but feel bad for those who ordered this extremely pricey collectors edition with hopes of getting more than the total crap-in-a-box they have in their hands. Aside from the lifetime membership to lotro how can a company justify such a change to what they promised? Hot wax being a health issue? – Make it fake wax or another substance or something similar? There’s really no excuse for what Codemasters has done to the euros. Sure they’re promising redeemable things on their website after April 24th but honestly too little too late for some.

My suggestion to all the folks who ordered via credit card would be to call your cc company and explain what happened. Tell them you ordered something and did not receive the product you ordered and would like the charges reversed. At this point posting an after-the-fact “oops” doesn’t make it any less a bait and switch or fraudulent act of false advertising.

Thank god this wasn’t Turbine’s mistake or we would never hear the end of it.


Check out the latest LOTRO Vault Weekly Forum Digest

I’ve finished this week’s Forum Digest for the LOTRO Vault and it’s now available for viewing. This week people really had issues with the farming changes and the continued gripe fest over repair costs. While writing the digest I came across one post where this guy was so pissed off over his 250 silver repair costs. He explains he was adventuring on his level 15 Guardian in Angmar and died 5 times. Well bud sorry to say if you go to a zone 25 levels too soon that’s what you’re going to experience and you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

As for the farming changes and those who are struggling to cope with them… what did you expect guys? Seriously did you think to yourself that all was fine in the world when you were the only profession that could turn astronomical profit by vendoring everything? Farming will actually serve a purpose once it’s finalized and it will be just like the rest of the interdependent professions instead of being an ATM.

LOTRO Weekly Forum Digest 4/19/2007

LOTRO patch notes and my thoughts

Well I believe this is the second patch since LOTRO went into “open/founders” beta and I must say it’s a small but necessary one. Note that these patch notes are for tomorrow’s patch so they are not live yet and may be added to.

The farming changes were needed. Have you been to Staddle lately? Rows of farmers throwing seeds into the ground making bank profit is just slightly out of hand and was due for a change. Interestingly enough the change is being made because it was “always supposed to be that way” but … didn’t they patch farming back in closed beta reducing the profit margins? Seems it would have been a better time to make things the way they are supposed to be when they initially patched them. But oh well.

An interesting change this patch to repair costs. Levels 1-10 not having to repair is nice for the extremely new players to the genre but honestly how expensive was it to repair at that level anyhow? Sure if you twinked your hunter out in purples(all 3 or 4 of them in the game at that level?) you may have been hurting for a few extra silver but I can’t help but walk away from this with a feeling I can only sum up with one word. “HUH?” My level 15 Champion is geared up in several purps, a few being high end, and his repairs after a single death are under 25 silver. Die less guys. 😛 As for the change to some item’s repair costs well that’s a good thing.

More money is always a good thing from signatures and elites. 😀

The vista changes are something I can’t comment on because honestly I can’t see gaming on Vista doable yet.

Overall a good patch. I anticipate the first large patch to hit sometime shortly after retail release. It’s been said that the first major patch will contain music changes and other goodies for the players so until then keep up the minor patching Turbine!

To view the patch notes click ‘more’.

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LOTRO Leveling Guide

I took a few minutes today to write a leveling guide for anyone who might be struggling with that age old question: “Where do I go next?”. This guide should lead players to the most convenient leveling places in Turbine’s Middle-Earth. The guide will be updated regularly as Graev and I come across new and exciting places in our adventures.

You can find the Leveling Guide here!

New LOTRO Maps and other resources!

In our quest to help the communities of the games we play KeenAndGraev.com has launched a little section titled “LOTRO Resources”. In this section we plan to give the community and our readers a very convenient place to locate the most useful maps and guides that we have found. Along with these resources you will find K&G Movies – a section where Graev and myself will add movies of our adventures, guides, and other random things. If you come across any maps, guides, or must have resources please email us or leave a comment. Enjoy everyone!


Everyone knows your first MMO was the best…

Earlier today I started thinking about the first “massive” Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game that I played – Everquest.  Since then I have never once even come close to replicating that “woah” factor.  That’s not to say I do not enjoy the games equally and that I do not find games out there that are outstanding.  While thinking about this situation I came across a post on the LOTRO Vault where someone said they gave LOTRO a try and it was a good game but just couldn’t replace their first MMO love.  Why is it people are so adamant about finding something to replace these good memories?
Stop trying to replace previous experiences. It’s been said thousands of times that you can never replace that First MMO – so don’t! Make new memories, have new experiences that are unique, and enjoy them for what they are. If you are always trying to replace or mimic a past experience you will always fail and walk away feeling empty inside. No two MMO’s are exactly alike and once again none of them will be as magical as that first time.

Here’s what I do. I buy a game and I have as much fun with that game that I can. When a game stops being fun then I stop playing. I don’t stop playing because it’s “not like my previous favorite”. I can tell immediately from the title of the game that it’s not the same game and never will be.

My ‘gaming life’ goal is not to seek out replacements for fond memories but to create new ones.  I’ll never understand why someone would want to replace a good thing.  Your brain can hold more than one good memory people!