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Scott Hartsman leaves SOE

The guy largely responsible for EQ2's resuscitation is leaving SOE for greener pastures.  Scott Hartsman, long time name in the biz, said his goodbye on the EQ2 Boards and on…

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Bob the new EA Mythic Community Relations Director

EA Mythic has a new Community Relations Director.  His name is Bob.  Hi Bob!  Mr. Bob is basically in charge of all the communities crap stuff for Mythic including DAOC, UO, and WAR.  I’m not sure how Mythic is going to set up their community hierarchy; whether it will go Bob the Director > *insert Manager* > James the Coordinator or if they’ll skip the manager step altogether for WAR.  If you’re interested in MMO communities nearly as much as the games themselves, like me, then it’s always nice to see a new face out there.

Welcome Bob!  Now please get me an invite to WAR beta.  kThx.

Click this link here to see Bob’s hello –> (more…)


Activision Blizzard

Today in a press release found on Blizzard's website it was announced that Blizzard along with all other Vivendi Games companies will merge with Activision to form one heck of…


EQ2 is 3!

It's shocking to think that three years ago Everquest 2 was released. In a few months World of Warcraft will celebrate their birthday and the whole thing just makes me…

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