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When there’s too much to do

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Opposite of that feeling I had at the of Legion is the massive, overwhelming feeling of having too much to do in BFA right now. 

I'm not complaining -- I love having stuff to do. Zero complaints. What I'm writing here are my observations and feelings.

Though I love it, I feel overwhelmed. 

Where do I start?

What do I prioritize? 


Rep Grind

At level 120 I have 6 zones all full of world quests, each with their own reputation I want to get exalted. Doing all those world quests in every zone amounts to a full-time job. 

There are certain reputations to prioritize because they gate content and certain character advancements. As an Alliance player, I want 7th Legion rep in order to progress my war campaign. I also want Champions of Azeroth to increase the ilvl of my Heart of Azeroth.

Prioritizing those two alone is a lot of work. Trying to do all of the rest isn't attainable all in one day for me.

If I split my time between just doing the quests I come across or want to do, I end up falling behind. Putting this into perspective, my friend  has done them all every day and he's revered with all the reps. I'm revered with none. He finished the war campaign, and I still have two steps to go.

I'd have to commit 4-5x the amount of hours to achieve that. 


Moving beyond the rep grind is the artifact power grind. There's a 40k expedition grind each week to get the substantial rep and ap bonus. That's pretty important for someone like me, and easily achieved if I put in the time to run the expeditions.

There's also a compelling reason to run the expeditions because the research abilities are tied to completing a certain number of unique islands.

Dungeons and Gear

When I'm finished with worrying about min/maxing my time and prioritizing AP and reps, I still need to run dungeons to worry about my gear.


Because I want to get better gear.


Because that makes my quality of live improve. Better gear means the quests take less time, which means I might have more time to do more of them. The game also feels better when you get better gear because the scaling right now really sucks.

Coming Soon...

Now, if that wasn't enough, soon there will be raids (even if only LFR), Warfronts, Mythic+ dungeon chests, and probably even more I haven't even discovered.

I realized from the beginning I can't do it all. Honestly, I wish no one could. The only reason I feel compelled to keep racing through it more is because there are so many other people who do. I don't want to be the only guy among people I can play with who isn't able to run a dungeon because my gear and progression aren't on par.

There's also the time-gating. 

For example, if you didn't do all 3 expedition islands last week then you're a week behind everyone else. If you didn't do all of your 7th Legion quests every day since you were able to -- like me -- then you're maybe 3-4 days behind the people who did. 

I don't want to feel like I missed out on progress and will be penalized.

Again, not complaining... much. I think maybe my only real complaint is time-gating the content, but that's not a complaint about having too much to do. I guess all of my complaints are specific to the things to do, and not with having so many of them.

Maybe if I could just find a way to add 10 more hours to my day. That might give me enough time to do it all.

For now I want to prioritize fun. Fun for me is not grinding all my WQ's. It's picking the ones with gear upgrades, finishing the war campaign by getting 7th Legion, making sure I get as much Champions of Azeroth as possible, then having fun running dungeons. If I mix in the other activities, I suppose that's gravy.

  • 1) Grinding reputation by doing hundreds of world quests is not time-optimal, you are supposed to get it from emissaries.
    2) You’ll be done with islands pretty soon anyway, HoA level soft cap is determined by released content and there’s not enough reasons to level it beyond that
    3) After LFR and M+ releases you’ll forget about dungeons beyond weekly M+10

    I don’t understand what’s the point of the race, you’ll get much better gear in two weeks from raids and all your grinding will be worthless. Especially if you don’t plan to raid seriously, since all the other parts of the game are very easy and higher level gear makes it even easier.

    • My comment below to audioshaman sums up why I’m not racing but wanting to make sure I do what’s important. I have a compulsive necessity for time management. I’m definitely ocd that way.

      If I just wait on emissaries, that’s like a week between each one. It would take how many months to get the rep if I only did emissaries? I fear by the time I got that rep, the rewards would be obsolete. 😂

      • The rewards will be obsolete in the next patch / expansion anyway 🙂 Play for the fun that’s the most important thing

  • In the words of the Pandaren “Slow down, life is to be savored!”

    I agree with everything Moongy said. For WQs I am doing doing the emissaries, any that give gear upgrades, and Champions of Azeroth. Everything else I just ignore. There is absolutely no rush to finish the war campaign, or to get exalted. Get AP, but don’t worry about falling behind with your HoA. It’s alright if someone people are stronger than you. They will be.

    Personally I am just finishing up the “Pride of Kul Tiras” questline and now am moving on to level up a Horde character to experience that story.

    If you continue on with the attitude in this post you’ll be leaving WoW again pretty soon with another post about how you can’t handle “the grind” anymore, just like with Legion.

    • I think my urgency comes from wanting to unlock dark iron dwarves so that I can play one as a warrior. I also want to unlock siege of Boralus which is rep gated, right? And there’s always an urgency with me to keep up. I won’t be the best. I never will be. But part of my excitement does come from knowing that I haven’t fallen behind to the point of obscurity. Some people enjoy racing to be first, some enjoy one quest at a time and love being last. I find fun in the middle.

      Again, this is all a good thing. I don’t have any complaints other than me being manic and wondering where to begin or what to prioritize.

      Actually, this might be a better way of explaining it… I know I can’t do it all, so I want to make sure what I’m choosing to do is the best option for me.

      • The Siege of Boralus is unlocked via completing “The Pride of Kul Tiras” quest chain, which begins once you’ve completed the main quests for all 3 zones. No rep requirement!

      • Unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves is tied to getting exalted with the 7th Legion. That’s about it. You also need to reach revered with all the major factions to unlock flying.

        Both of those goals are still quite a long ways off. Speculation is that Dark Irons/Mag’har will come in 81… but that’s still probably a few months away. Flying likely won’t arrive for a year or more.

      • Huh..

        Then there’s really no rush at all. I thought the DI dwarves were already in. If they’re not coming until 8.1 and that’s a few months away, I’ll scale way back on my 7th Legion grind. TY for that.

        This is why I wish Blizzard did a better job of explaining things in-game.

        I feel a lot better about not being overwhelmed, but still very glad to have so much to do.

        Now if I can just find a group of people to play with, I’ll be set.

      • As far as I am aware (I’m focusing on 7th legion with a friend to make a Dark Iron Dwarf) they are already available. It’s the Kul’tiran and Zandalar that are (more than likely) going to be in 8.1

        I might be wrong, which would throw a wrench in things, lol. Hopefully not.

      • Really? Maybe I’m wrong… I could have sworn they weren’t available yet.

        Now I’m all confused.

  • All of my plans sort of got interrupted by yesterday’s patch. During the pre-legion invasions, I leveled up all of my characters to level 100 and once legion started I took 2 of them to 110. Later on, once I got flying, I leveled all of my other characters to 110 by just doing the legion invasions (an invasion gave you about a level on the way to 110). Now with BFA, I leveled my Horde DH to 120 and I am about to do the same for my Alliance Warlock.

    However, after turning off legion invasions, they just turned them back on. I was surprised to find that you can still get experience as a 110 from them. You get about half a level. This seems like an easy way to level up my army of alts…but I am not sure if this will work quite as well all the way to 120. The exp required from 110 to 111 isnt that different than what you need later. With all of that BFA goodness…I am finding myself grinding out old legion invasion content…seems silly but so efficient…my guess this will get changed soon…unless I am missing something and it wont work later on.

  • Sorry I was completely wrong about this. Blizzard just confirmed on Twitter that dark irons/brown orcs are available now when requirements are met.