First BFA Mythic Dungeon

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I did my first mythic dungeon in Battle for Azeroth tonight. My friend Yotor and I formed a group (he’s a tank and I’m a healer) so we were able to simply request DPS join us.

If you haven’t played WoW and done mythics, the way the LFG tool works for mythic dungeons is that you list your group and people can apply to join. You get to set an ilvl requirement and a few notes. When people apply you can see their name, class, spec, and ilvl. In a way, people are applying and you can accept or decline.

We listed ourselves and asked for 3 DPS, and within 10 seconds we had a list of 30+ people wanting to join us.

I’m trying to figure out why Blizzard chose to make mythic dungeons the only dungeon that requires you to form a group in this manner. Even LFR’s can queue random people. I get that these are technically an “end-end-end-game” capable content if you go into the mythic+ (meaning the 15+ levels of difficulty they scale to) and that you can get some amazing loot that rivals even the raids… but I still don’t understand why they make the system manual.

My complaint isn’t in having to go through those motions. It’s even a step above the manual mechanics in the older MMOs with archaic grouping mechanics. My curiosity is piqued, however.

The dungeon itself was fun. We did Freehold, which I think is the easiest of the mythics. We died a few times, but only 2 of those deaths were from playing poorly to the mechanics — the others were simple pulling mistakes. I got two pieces of 340 gear, so that definitely helps.

  • The lack of LFG for Mythics is a big part of the reason why I never bothered with them in Legion. It gets even worse when you start doing Mythic+ that requires a keystone. If any member of your group leaves mid-dungeon, they cannot be replaced. I simply wasn’t willing to put up with the frustration of finding a group, having someone leave and ruin the run, or having to leave myself due to an emergency/whatever and ruining it for everyone else.

    I also found the whole prospect of mythic+ very confusing and intimidating. It was never clear to me which ones I should be doing. Am I good enough for +2? +5? I had no idea and had no interest in getting berated by a group if I didn’t meet the mark.

  • I think the reason for no automated groupfinder in mythics is that mechanics start to matter massively more than dps, and they are harder to outgear than hc’s, which you can basically outgear week 1-2. While the groupfinder doesn’t allow this either, it at least allows some sort of selection. (when we queue extras we inv people who answer when asked something, so we can have some communication in the dungeon in case something goes wrong or needs to be done).

    But mainly, I think m+ just works better with guild groups and premade parties than pure random ones. The calls to nerf higher m+ would be insane if it would be automated.

  • The Mythic was fun to do, just enough challenge and reward to make it worth my time to die and try something different. Keen you did forget to mention that you got hate /w after not selecting people. I find that so funny, if you are so toxic that you have to complain about our choices for DPS before the group is formed, you can be sure you’re going to be put on a list of never to play with.

    I partly feel bad for DPS. Hour queues to do a heroic would be horrible, just to find the tank/healer has never played that role before, but in a raid they are more likely to find a spot than a tank.