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WoW’s Old Soldier Cinematic Shows the Heart of the Horde

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Though beautiful in its own way, the Warbringers Sylvanas story/cutscene missed the mark for me in presentation when compared to Blizzard's cinematic capabilities.

Blizzard released a new cinematic yesterday called "Old Soldier" which portrays the inner struggle of Saurfang as he grapples with his past, what has become of the Horde, and the future.


This cinematic proves to me that there's a story building in Battle for Azeroth that will have significant impact on the Horde. This cinematic alone is a story.

Sylvanas's cutscene wasn't meant to inspire loyalty in her as the new Warchief -- or as a warchief/leader at all. It was meant to make us feel exactly how we did... empty, confused, disappointed, wanting more. 

Old Soldier shows us there is still strength and honor, and that the heart of the Horde rests in its people, not necessarily its current leaders. 

I can't wait to watch the story unfold. Three cheers for Zappyboi and Saurfang!

  • I’ve been trying to keep myself away from spoilers with Battle For Azeroth, but there are certain things I have seen that pique my interest. It’s going to be interesting to see how Saurfang responds to what Sylvanas does during the Battle for Lordaeron.

    The cinematic was great, and felt like a real snippet of story-telling I think Christie Golden and her team are willing to offer to the World of Warcraft universe. Not much combat, but a a really impactful look into the actual people of the horde rather than the constant hyperbole that is Sylvanas Windrunner.

    • I think at lot of Battle for Azeroth’s stories won’t come from the battles or the bosses. They’ll come from the changes brought about by people (human and orc alike).