I Haven’t Decided How I’m Going to Consume Content in BFA

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I'm still trying to decide how I want to consume content in BFA. By that I mean whether or not I'll raid at all (beside Raid Finder) or if I'll just do Mythic+ dungeons. 

I'm going to avoid any sort of "progression" raiding. That is to say I'm going to avoid a group that meets 2-3x a week for 3+ hours a night to raid. 

The thought of pushing myself into a set schedule and having to play that drama game again doesn't appeal to me. But... I like the adventure.


What I'm for sure going to do is look for a set group to run Mythic+ dungeons with and potentially see other content with as time goes on. Unlike past expansions, I'm not putting together a Keen and Graev Guild. We have a community (if you're alliance you can join clicking here) where I'm sure we'll put together pickup groups. 

I'm playing a Holy Paladin as my main, so hopefully that means I'll be absorbed fairly well into many groups. I'm at home as a healer in raids and groups. I was primary heals in most vanilla progression raids, DAoC PvP, EQ, etc. It's where I've always put down roots. I'm hoping that a return to that will be a good change of pace for me.

If anyone has a group of people looking for Holy Paladin heals, I'd love to chat with you to see if our play-styles align. Alternatively, if you're like me and also without a home for this expansion I'd be open to finding a home together.

My plan for the start of the expansion is to do all of the quests in every zone, run all of the dungeons repeatedly, and even be a little bit of a collector. I downloaded the addon to track collections and stuff, so I think this expansion I might spend more time collecting and being a zone completionist. I'm also working on Inscription as my trade skills and want to get a jump on those. 

How are you going to start things off this expansion, and have you already set a predetermined plan for yourself?

  • I plan to focus on raiding and mythic+, though I’m only going to do Heroic raiding. Been there done that with Mythic raiding and don’t really have an interest in that any longer. Heroic raiding strikes a balance for me of flexible raid size/roster, I can play a spec that’s fun even if it’s not optimal and you still need to play around mechanics without it being face-roll easy or head-bashing hard.

    • I think I’d do raiding, even heroic, if I could get a group that wasn’t drama-prone, played reasonable hours, and wasn’t too hardcore. Maybe 2 nights a week, couple hours tops.

      I’m so casual that I wouldn’t want it to interfere with my evening tv watching schedule. 😉