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What Were Your Favorite Legion Moments?

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I'm reflecting back on Legion today as I sit idling in Dalaran. Legion was a mixed bag for me. I played through the first two raids and major content patches, took over a year off, then came back and finished up all of the content during easy-mode.

Looking back on that experience, I have a few favorite moments.


WoW expansions for me are ALL about the zones and the lore/story being told and presented. Everything about my enjoyment comes from a cohesive world and experience being unfolded for me. 

My favorite part of every expansion is going through the stories in the zones. I like seeing the sights, meeting the characters, and taking it all in. I'm one of those people who enjoys the ambiance of Disneyland/World more than the actual rides themselves. I simply like being in the park and walking around seeing the sites, smelling the smells, and feeling the atmosphere.

With that in mind it makes my choices a little more clear. I don't care about the end or the death of big bosses. I care about those little nuggets tucked away in the zones.

Here are my favorite Legion moments.

The Death of Ysera

I really 'felt' this death. Ysera was probably my first or second favorite Dragon Aspect in the WoW lore. I really liked the story told in Val'sharah and how this storyline culminated into a nice overall quest line and ending.

Sylvanas Always in it for Herself

I have to give it to Sylvanas... she's nothing if not consistent. I kind of love how she's so self-serving and completely in it for herself at every possible turn. Even if it means the downfall of the entire planet, if she gets her immortality then it's all good in her book.

The story in Stormheim was a mixed bag, but this component I liked. I liked how Sylvanas had a pact with Helya and was trying to take control of Eyir and force the Valkyr into submission. That way if she died there would be an endless supply of Valkyr to send to the underworld instead of herself. 

Eyir, being sworn to Odin, is helping to fight the Legion. She's the leader of the Valarjar, which are protectors of Azeroth (alongside the Dragon Aspects). 

If Sylvanas succeeded in trapping Eyir in the Soulcage... that would have been really, really bad for the future of the world.

What Were Your Favorite Moment(s) from Legion?

Now it's your turn! What specific moments did you enjoy from this expansion? I'd love to know what they are and a little background on why.

  • While sometimes bordering tedious, I found the overall Suramar campaign was excellent. I really got attached to those characters and the whole storyline of the Nightborne civil war. As an ‘experience’ I think it was some of the highest quality stuff Blizzard has put out. The “Insurrection” part in patch 7.1 was particularly good.

    Invading Argus felt suitably epic, even though the zones themselves were kind of “okay”. I have never liked Illidan, even going back to WC3, but I do care about the Draenei. Seeing their story, as well as Turalyon and Alleria, was cool.

    • Suramar was my absolute LEAST favorite thing in all of Legion. I couldn’t connect with the story there. Definitely a polarizing zone.

  • Argus, specifically Mac’aree, for me. I’ve been pretty all in on the Draenei since the beginning of TBC. And we’ve caught glimpses of their architecture and things through the years, expecially on Outland/Draenor, but it was really something to finally get a real true Eredar zone done fully, especially after similar places got such short shrift in WoD (like Shattrath).

  • Illidan, my fav with this expansion.
    Though it felt a bit disjointed to be doing quests for him on Argus while I still not done saving him/his soul in the quest line prior to Argus while also killing him in the black Temple farming for that warglaive skin…

  • I’m sorry to say I struggled to connect with anything in Legion. I tried multiple times to play through it and always lost interest. I couldn’t figure out if it was something specific to Legion or burnout from WoW in general. I fear I’ll have the same reaction to BfA and that I’ll never be able to get into the game again.