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Diablo 3 on Switch and Warcraft 3 Remastered?

The Blizzard rumor mill is running rampant over the past few days. While these rumors are pure speculation and in many ways hopeful wishing, I’m still liking everything I hear.

Diablo 3 on Switch

First we have a rumor that Diablo 3 will come to the Nintendo Switch. There’s also a rumor of a local co-op mode, which has me intrigued though admittedly I would be very disappointed if there wasn’t online play.

The Switch does need hack and slash action RPGs. Though I’m not sure whether or not I could find a place for D3 on the Switch, since I’ve played it just about as much as I’d like to on the PC, it makes for a good addition to the console and a reason to back up Nintendo’s statement about expecting a longer shelf life on the Switch.

Warcraft 3 Rumors

Warcraft 3 Remastered is also another rumor. Personally, I’d like to think they all have it wrong and this is all leading up to a Warcraft 4 announcement.

Many news sites are jumping at a story about a combined patcher for both RoC and Frozen Throne, but most people are quick to point out that this change happened last year. Thankfully there’s a little more to go on. Blizzard has invited a bunch of WC3 international players to some secret meeting.

Either way, whether we do get a WC3 Remastered (which I think is only a matter of time), or we get Warcraft 4 (which would seriously make my decade), it’s good news and something I’ll buy and happily get hyped about.

  • Given that Blizzard had job listings up specifically for positions involving rematsers of StarCraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft III… and has delivered on StarCraft already… I suspect your Warcraft IV hopes may be dashed.

      • I want to live the WC4 dream as well, but it feels like there are two problems.

        One is that the WC RTS series was the medium for telling the story of Azeroth until WoW came along. Then WoW took over the company for a few years and became almost everything, including that story telling niche. It would be a chore to try to take that back to an RTS which, at this point, is of limited appeal compared to WoW. You could retell stories from WoW in WC4, but I don’t think they would want to blaze any new lore trails except via WoW.

        Second is that the RTS thing is kind of dead. StarCraft II gets enough streaming views to be popular still… 9 million a month in 2017… but LoL got 157 million unique monthly viewers over the same time, and even Hearthstone was in at 83 million. Blizzard won’t roll out a new RTS unless it thinks it will kill in sales and top the charts, or they get people like TheCrow here calling it “fail.”

        Now, if Blizz could come up with something new, somewhere between RTS and MOBA maybe, that would stand out and still be accessible, they might choose to do it as WC4. It could still happen. But my gut says they won’t do a straight up, old school RTS.

        Right now, however, Blizz is tweeting about WC3 invitationals. If they’re promoting WC3 if feels like the remaster might be the thing.

  • since starcraft remastered was a fail i think that will happen the same with war3.
    there are rumors about war3 in mobile but would be a pain to control your units

    • A Warcraft mobile game might actually be cool. It can’t be a true RTS, but something like a Civilization game or a Warcraft Farmville, or even Fallout Shelter style. Lots of opportunities to explore how that brand can be applied to various game models.

  • As someone who loves the RTS genre I’d love to see WC4 but realistically I don’t see it happening, mainly for market reasons. Traditional RTS just isn’t a popular genre anymore these days. I don’t think Blizzard is interested in making big budget games for niche markets.

    More importantly, there’s the issue of monetization. If you look at their most recent releases they are a MOBA, competitive FPS, and mobile CCG. Not only are all of those very popular genres – they are easily monetized with ongoing micro-transactions. RTS games don’t lend themselves well to that business model. You absolutely cannot sell power in an RTS, and it’s harder to sell cosmetics than in those other genres.

    Blizzard follows the money and it’s just not there anymore. Just look at Starcraft and Diablo – neither game lends itself well to microtransactions and they’ve been all but abandoned by Blizzard.